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Nithin Mathew

Nithin Mathew


Hands down one of the best best guiding experience I ever had. We went there the previous day to checkout the views of the island and one youngster approached us with offers for kayaking. Since we were both into kayaking we agreed to do this the next day and boy this was an experience.  The views are amazing, with you kayaking through waters filled with fishing nets and fish cages. What was exceptional was the boys who explained everything to us. How Kadamakudy got its name, the legends surrounding the area, what kind of crops they grow, how the factories nearby affecting the area and the water, in what seasons does fish farms work best, the involvement of navy in the rebuilding process after the floods of 2018 and so and so on.  They even brought us to the locals fishing for "karimeen" (pearl spot) and explained to us how they do it.   For anyone who is at or visiting Kochi, Kadamakudy is a must visit. Scenic and prestine, away from the inconvenience of the city. And if anyone wants to do kayaking in Cochin, I can in a blink recommend these guys.

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Kadamakkudy Islands

Kadamakkudy Islands

Paliyam Thuruthu Rd, Paliyamthuruthu Ward, Pizhala, Ernakulam, Kerala 682027, India

A cluster of small islands spread in backwaters and filled with paddy fields and fishing nets. The area is famous for fish farms and a kayak through the waters treats you with great views. This area is devoid of all the noice and hustle of Cochin city, one truely hidden gem which is very easily reachable for people in Cochin. The place is especiallly beautiful during sunrise and sunsets.