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Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach, Vypin, Kerala


The 15 km stretch of beautiful beach lined with paddy fields, backwater, coconut groves and Chinese fishing nets.

Location of Cherai Beach

More about Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach, the 15 km beach is one of the longest beaches in Kerala. This picturesque beach is located at Vypin Island, sandwiched between of the Arabian Sea on one side and the backwaters of Cherai on the other.

Lined with coconut groves, pine trees and paddy fields at one end and the Chinese fishing nets and the harbour at the other, the beach offers magnificent views. The beach is clean and shallow in most places making it ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Lucky visitors will be even presented with the playfulness of dolphins that are occasionally spotted in the waters.

Exploring Cherai Beach

The southern portions of the beach is lined with paddy fields. In the northern most side, the beach comes in contact with the backwaters of Cherai, the canal and waterways connecting to nearby Kollam District, and the mighty Periyar River. The shore at northern part is lined with Chinese fishing nets. There is a fishing harbour called Munambam Fishing Harbour located near the fishing nets where locals flock to buy fresh seafood directly from the fishers. 

Before the beach was popular, most of the locals in Cherai Village were into fishing and the traces of it can be seen with the presence of the fishing nets and the harbour. With the easy availability of seafood, there are numerous restaurants along the beach offering a wide variety of freshly cooked seafood. 

Except of the monsoon season from June to October, the sands of the beach span for kilometres in a long uninterrupted stretch. The beach will be decorated with sea shells and crabs, and eagles overhead wait for a chance to pluck their meal. The beach is shallow in most of the places but it can get deep and dangerous at some parts. Before getting in the waters, it is advisable to ask the locals or the guards about the safe areas. During monsoon season, the water can cover most part of the beach and the sea will be much rougher with high waves and strong currents.

Pallipuram Fort - the small fort in ruins

Near to the Munambam beach is a small fort in ruins known as Pallipuram Fort. Pallipuram Fort (also known as Ayakkota and Alikkota) is one of the oldest European monuments in India believed to be built in the year 1503 by the Portuguese. It is not a large building, rather a three stories hexagonal structure. The fort was surrendered to the Dutch in 1663 after they captured Cochin from Portuguese, and later in 1789 it was purchased by the King of the Travancore Kingdom. Today it is a protected monument of the State Archeological Department of Kerala.

Getting to Cherai Beach and best time to visit

Cherai Beach is located in Vypin Island in Ernakulam District of Kerala State in Southern India. The nearest towns are North Paravur (5 km) and Kodungallur (15 km) from where there are buses to the island. North Paravur and Kodungallur are well connected from Ernakulam City by buses. The nearest major railway station is in Aluva from where there are straight buses to North Paravur.

It is best to visit the beaches after the monsoon season from June to October. The waves and the currents can get very big and strong during monsoon. The beach is amazing for its views of the sunset so make it a point to visit there in the evening.