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Nithin Mathew

Nithin Mathew


This is one beautiful viewpoint. The scenic routes through beautiful tea and spice plantations will get you here and then you will walk for about 200 meters to reach the viewpoint.

When we visited, there were electric fence to prevent elephants from entering the plantations so check with the local people to know for sure if they are still active.

The end of the viewpoint is in a edgy rock the protrudes out to the void, as the rocks are slippery after rains, be very careful if you are venturing to that edge. Its 200 or so meters fall to the bottom if you slip.

The view is amazing, with green carpet of forest below, and river Chaliyar (I think( splitting the forest to few pieces. There are two large waterfalls on either side at a distance, not sure which one they are.

Also note that the best time to be here is at early morning as the sunrise from here is pretty breathtaking (at least thats what I read and heard). We went there in the afternoon so there were no question of seeing sunrise or a sunset.

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Sunrise Valley Viewpoint

Sunrise Valley Viewpoint

Sunrise Valley Rd, Kerala 673581, India

A viewpoint with mesmerising views of the misty Western Ghat Mountains covered in thick green forest.