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Kappad Beach - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting


About Kappad Beach

The beach where European powers first landed in India.

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Kappad Beach or Kappakadavu is a famous beach in Kozhikode District of Kerala State in Southern India. The beach is of historical significance as the first colonial powers, the Portuguese landed in this beach.

History of Kappad Beach

The beach finds itself in the history as the gateway to the Malabar Coast. In 1,498 AD, 170 men lead by the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama sailed in and stepped on to Kerala.

His voyage established the sea route from Europe to India creating a new chapter in history of India- the story of a long and turbulent socio-political relationship with India and Europe.

It was the spices and wealth of Malabar that first brought the Arabs, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Portuguese, Dutch and British to Kerala. Kappad had seen many landings over the course of history as Kozhikode was the most important trade centre of the Malabar region. Though the Portuguese were welcomed in the area for trade, the were not too well encouraged by the Zamorin, the powerful ruler of then Kozhikode Kingdom. As a result the Portuguese later shifted their bases to Kollam and Kochi in South Kerala and to Goa.

The monument of Vasco da Gama's landing

Today, only a small stone monument with the inscription ‘ Vasco da Gama landed here, Kappakadavu in the year 1498’ is left at the beach to speak of its great importance.

What to explore in Kappad Beach

To the visitors the little seafaring town of Kappad provides with the beauty of the sea as well as options to cruise through the backwaters of Kozhikode through Korapuzha river which drains to the Arabian Sea at Kappad.

The beach is dotted with rock formations and the landscape includes coconut groves and long stretches of silvery sands drenched in lathered surf along with few fishing hamlets in the vicinity.

Even though some parts of the beach are swimmable, it is better to get advice from the locals as many parts of the beach are very deep. The beach has a rocky headland protruding to the sea offering great views of the surrounding coast. Walking along the beach in either way leads to miles and miles of deserted yellow sand beaches with only few odd fishing boats for company in between.

The beach is adorned with hills and cliffs facing the seaside offering an amazing sunset view . One of the striking aspect is the small temple on a hill top facing the ocean. The temple is easily approachable by a hike uphill. The quiet village of Kappad is shaded by dense vegetation of coconut palms, banana plants, tamarind, jackfruit and cinnamon trees with occasional patches of paddy fields.


How to reach Kappad Beach?

The nearest city is in Kozhikode, 20 km away. There are direct buses available from the private bus station at Kozhikode to Kappad Beach. The nearest major railway station too is in Kozhikode.

Attractions Near Kappad Beach

Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach

15.87km from Kappad Beach

One of the most popular beach in Kozhikode for sunset hunters.

Sweet Meat Street

Sweet Meat Street

17.7km from Kappad Beach

The sweets street in the heart of Kozhikode City

Mishkal Mosque

Mishkal Mosque

18km from Kappad Beach

A mosque that tells the story of the mixing of cultures and religions.

Vayalada Viewpoint

Vayalada Viewpoint

21.12km from Kappad Beach

A picturesque hilltop destination with trekking points and waterfalls.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

32.49km from Kappad Beach

The sanctuary where migratory birds come in huge numbers.

Mahé River and Azhikukham

Mahé River and Azhikukham

35.11km from Kappad Beach

Mahe river is a river in South India. It flows through the state of Kerala and the coastal exclave of Mahé in Puducherry and the Azhimukham is the estuary of Mayyazhi River and Arabian Sea. This picturesque location of Mahe which flanked by blue wavy ocean and rippling Mayyazhi river. In otherwords Mayyazhi means Beautiful Estuary. The small and beautiful Tagore Park is situated here. Recently the Azhimukham location has been reconstructed with a walk way nearly 2kms long through the bank of ri

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Where Portugese, and the colonial era landed.

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