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Kozhikode Beach - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

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About Kozhikode Beach

One of the most popular beach in Kozhikode for sunset hunters.

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Kozhikode Beach in the Western Coast of India is located in Kozhikode District of Kerala State in Southern India. This is a very popular beach and  was once a key port where merchants from Arabia and China traded for the riches from the inner parts of Malabar. 

Hundreds of years ago, both the beach areas and nearby Valiyangadi town were the centres of trade in Kozhikode City. Since then the city centre has shifted to Mananchira area, Mavoor Road, Thondayad Bypass and Palazhi areas and these places became the trade and business points of the city.

Exploring Kozhikode Beach

The beach is a favourite place for sunset viewers. The huge tides hitting the shoreline and the vast sea engulfing the orange-red sun during sunset makes every evening an out of the world experience. The beach is not the best one to swim in at the sea as it can get quite deep with strong currents near to the shoreline. At times during heavy monsoon seasons from June to September, the sea turns black with its dark waters lit up by lighting flashes, and surrounded by the sound of thunder.

There are numerous stalls lined up on the promenade offering seafood delicacies like mussels, crabs, prawns, fishe etc. The small shops inside the beach offer ice creams, tea, coffee, peanuts and other snacks that can be enjoyed watching the setting sun. The beach road that runs for around 10 km along the coast is a beautiful sight at night when all the lights are on. Along its sides, the road has plenty of shops offering food, handicrafts, clothes etc.

There is an area on the beach called Dolphins Point where playful dolphins spend their mornings. To see them you have to be at the point in the early morning, and also a little bit lucky.


There is an old lighthouse and two crumbling piers that run to the sea at the beach.  Both these structures are over hundred years old. The 19th century piers once had a sea bridge on top of it which could reach the docked ships in the bay. The piers have withstood the merciless beatings of waves for centuries and they are still standing.

Situating at the beach, there is also a park for children and marine water aquarium which opens from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM. Every year in the month of January, a festival called ‘Malabar Mahotsavam’ is conducted in the beach premises. During the festival period, various Indian Cultural Activities, concerts, and fireworks are held at the beach.

Getting to Kozhikode Beach and best time to visit

The beach is 4 km away from Kozhikode bus station. You can either take buses from the station to the beach or hire a taxi. Kozhikode is well connected with the rest of the districts of Kerala State by road. Nearest major railway station is also in Kozhikode. There are buses from here too to the beach or you can walk 2.5 km to the beach form the railway station. 

The beach is open throughout the year. However during monsoon season from June to October, the sea could get a little rough.

Attractions Near Kozhikode Beach

Sweet Meat Street

Sweet Meat Street

2.04km from Kozhikode Beach

The sweets street in the heart of Kozhikode City

Mishkal Mosque

Mishkal Mosque

2.13km from Kozhikode Beach

A mosque that tells the story of the mixing of cultures and religions.

Kappad Beach

Kappad Beach

15.87km from Kozhikode Beach

The beach where European powers first landed in India.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

16.62km from Kozhikode Beach

The sanctuary where migratory birds come in huge numbers.

Vayalada Viewpoint

Vayalada Viewpoint

30.12km from Kozhikode Beach

A picturesque hilltop destination with trekking points and waterfalls.

Mini Ooty (Arimbra Hills)

Mini Ooty (Arimbra Hills)

35.22km from Kozhikode Beach

Arimbra Hills earned its more popular name Mini Ooty due to its resemblence with the well known hill station of southern India- Ooty. The place is known for its rolling hills and scenic views. You can also view the runway of Kozhikode airport with closer look at takeoffs and landings from here.

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Where Portugese, and the colonial era landed.

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