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20 Attractions to Explore Near Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Lake Jackson Mounds State Park
Lake Jackson Mounds State Park3600 Indian Mound Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32303, USA

Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park is one of the most important archaeological sites in Florida. he complex originally included seven earthwork mounds, a public plaza and numerous individual village residences.

Nearby Attractions

Lake Jackson
Lake Jackson3.13 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Lake Jackson is a shallow, prairie lake on the north side of Leon County, Florida. The lake is located in the Red Hills Region, and has fluctuated from periods of being dry to a maximum elevation of 96 feet above sea level.

Lichgate on High Road
Lichgate on High Road4.42 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Lichgate on High Road is an impressive architectural beauty. The 15-acre property features a mansion of Greek Revival style, which includes unique features such as the three sided tower at the front and a beautiful portico with columns. The grounds of the property are home to centuries-old live oaks, magnolias and cedars - all of which represent southern heritage and grandeur. With such majestic environs, Lichgate is renown for its stunning visual appeal.

Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park
Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park4.45 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park is a must-see destination with over 300 acres of trails, meadows and forest, it is the perfect spot for hiking and biking in nature. The park also boasts many native plants, trees and birds, making it a popular spot for wildlife viewing. Other amenities include a large fishing pond and multiple picnic areas throughout the grounds for ample family time outside. With its vast array of activities and natural beauty, this park is an excellent destination.

J. Lee Vause Park and Dog Park
J. Lee Vause Park and Dog Park5.64 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

J. Lee Vause Park and Dog Park can provide the perfect escape for families and their furry friends alike. The six-acre park features a solar energy area, nature trails, wildlife observation sites, a playground area, picnic spots, and plenty of open space for an afternoon of quality family time. Dog owners will love the centerpiece attraction; the two acre off-leash fenced dog park with separate small and large dog areas that make it easy for everyone to have an enjoyable visit!

Lake Ella
Lake Ella5.68 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Lake Ella is a peaceful oasis and favorite locals spot. Its crystal clear waters are surrounded by trees with sloping banks that lead to grassy fields on either side. With picnic areas, benches, and bike racks that are installed along the lake's perimeter it's perfect for an afternoon BBQ or stroll in the sun. Whether you want to swim in the refreshing lake water or just enjoy some relaxation near its peaceful shoreline, the park is open dawn to dusk for everyone's enjoyment.

Mission San Luis
Mission San Luis5.71 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Mission San Luis de Apalachee was a Spanish Franciscan mission built in 1633 in the Florida Panhandle. The mission was part of Spain's effort to colonize the Florida Peninsula and to convert the Timucuan and Apalachee Indians to Christianity. The mission lasted until 1704 when it was evacuated and destroyed to prevent its use by an approaching militia of Creek Indians and South Carolinians.

Winthrop Park
Winthrop Park6.30 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Winthrop Park, is a breathtakingly beautiful natural park that everyone should check out. Released from dense foliage is an open sky with the bright colors of rolling hills and valleys between each peak. You can spend time swimming in the lake or take a leisurely hike up one of the many trails around the park and take in stunning views of the countryside. Along with its diverse wildlife, it offers a wonderful opportunity to explore nature’s beauty while learning about its environment.

The Grove Museum
The Grove Museum6.48 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

The Grove Museum is a one-of-a-kind experience. Visitors can learn the stories and explore the artifacts of African American history as well as engage with community experts. It offers an educational experience from interactive exhibits to participatory events, such as workshops and lectures. With its varied and unique offerings, the museum provides a unique way for visitors to learn about the African American experience and culture in Florida, past present and future.

Florida's Governor's Mansion
Florida's Governor's Mansion6.56 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Florida's Governor's Mansion is situated on nearly nine acres in Tallahassee's historic El Vedado neighborhood. The architecturally distinct neoclassical building conveys a sense of grandeur with its expansive lush gardens, wide sweeping staircase and multiple balconies. With 24,000 square feet and 29 rooms the mansion provides a perfect backdrop for ceremonies, formal receptions and private events that celebrate the culture of the Sunshine state.

Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park
Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park6.69 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

This is a huge biosphere reserve located in the heart of Leon county, Florida. The gardens are also a U.S. historic district known as the Killearn Plantation Archeological and Historic District. According to the National Register of Historic Places, it contains 18 historic buildings, 4 structures, and 4 objects. These beautiful ornamental gardens were first planted in 1923 by Alfred. b and Louis Mc lay after they purchased this as their winter home.

Landis Green
Landis Green6.87 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Landis Green is a beautiful community nestled among lush foliage, and tranquil lakes, It offers its inhabitants a wide array of activities and amenities. Residents are able to enjoy a picturesque 18-hole golf course, explore the 22 miles of walking trails, or picnic by Faver Dykes State Park. Shopping and performances at the Madeira Beach City Center offer entertainment for the entire family. It also boasts some of the best schools in Florida with an emphasis on both academics and athletics.

Florida State University
Florida State University6.89 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Florida State University is a public research university that provides students with an excellent education. Students can choose from hundreds of academic programs spanning more than 15 degree levels and complete courses in over 400 study abroad locations. With more than 516 student organizations, athletes can compete at Division I level for the school's 20 NCAA championship teams. Leon county features plenty of natural beauty, art galleries, and restaurants for both faculty and students alike.

Lake Overstreet
Lake Overstreet6.93 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Lake Overstreet located in an oak-filled grove of pine trees, this gorgeous lake is known for its serene and peaceful atmosphere. Visitors from all around come to do some fishing, swim in the crystal clear waters, or just enjoy the natural beauty. The colorful plants and birdlife that inhabit this area make it easy to spend hours exploring its beauty. As a precautionary measure, visitors are asked to follow all safety guidelines while at the lake to help keep this haven safe.

Old City Cemetery
Old City Cemetery7.07 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Old City Cemetery is a historically significant landmark steeped in over 500 years of history. It offers an in depth look at the area’s heritage and is home to rich tranquil flora and fauna. Established in 1829, it stands as one of the oldest cemeteries remaining in Tallahassee. The site includes markers representing diverse cultures and religious practices, offering insight into how they’ve changed over centuries while adapting to life and surviving numerous wars.

Lake Hall
Lake Hall7.18 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Lake Hall is a spectacular lake that is perfect for enjoying the great outdoors. It's a shallow freshwater lake, making it safe and fun for swimming and fishing. The area around the lake offers plenty of activities, from canoeing to kayaking to hiking and biking along the shoreline. There are also many amazing wildlife like birds, otters and alligators that can be spotted at Lake Hall. This beautiful lake is an oasis of scenic beauty within Leon County, offering both tranquility and adventure.

Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee
Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee7.40 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

The Challenger Learning Center is a valuable asset, offering educational programming and activities that bring science, engineering, and technology to children. From its mission capsule flight simulations to its traveling learning lab and workshops, the Challenger Learning Center provides unique experiential learning opportunities for all ages. The center also hosts special events throughout the year to help spread awareness about science and engineering education for learners of all ages.

Knott House Museum
Knott House Museum7.48 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

The Knott House Museum is a rich source of history for the area. It was built in 1843 as the home ofThomas H. and Ann Bryan Knott. The house has managed to survive the years with few changes, giving visitors an intimate view of 19th century architecture and lifestyles. Touring the house will teach guests about major events such as Indian Removal and Reconstruction, as well as everyday life during this time period.

Kleman Plaza
Kleman Plaza7.49 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Kleman Plaza is the cultural center of Tallahassee. It serves as a bustling hub where locals and visitors can come shop, enjoy live performances, relax on the lawns, or participate in demonstrations on the green space. It also has a variety of public art displays ranging from sculptures to murals which help to liven up the atmosphere even more. In addition to that, visitors can attend festivals, find fresh food at markets, and take in the beauty at nearby Cascades Park.

Museum of Florida History
Museum of Florida History7.60 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

The Museum of Florida History is the U.S. state of Florida's history museum, housing exhibits and artifacts covering its history and prehistory. The museum features a gallery with exhibits that change every few months. Current displays include Beaches, Creatures, and Cowboys: Florida Movie Posters and The Florida Highwaymen Paintings.

Goodwood Museum & Gardens
Goodwood Museum & Gardens7.63 KMs away from Lake Jackson Mounds State Park

Goodwood Museum & Gardens is an excellent destination to visit, Visitors can take guided tours to explore the museum's collection of restored ornate furnishings and art displayed within the historic house interiors. Additionally, visitors can leisurely wander through the beautiful gardens, with trails meandering among lush camellias and azaleas, picturesque statues, specialist plant varieties and distinctive landscapes such as a gem-studded stream that leads to a secluded garden pavilion.