Attractions to explore nearby Bateshwar Temple - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Bateshwar Temple

Bateshwar Templenear mitawali padawali banmore, Morena, Madhya Pradesh 476444, India

Bateshwar Temple is a group of Hindu temples. There is a group of small and big 200 temples made of sandstone in the group. These temples now become ruins. The group of temples spread over 25 acres of land. According to Madhya Pradesh's Archeology Directorate, this group of 200 temples was built during the reign of the Gurga-Pratihar dynasty.

Garhi Padhavali0.80 KMs away from Bateshwar Temple

This 10th century Shiva temple in Morena was a famous temple that attracts a lot of tourists. The interior of this temple comprises of beautifully carved sculptures depicting stories from the Puranas and several other mythological epics.  Later in the 19th century, the temple was fortified by the Jat Ranas rulers.

Chausath Yogini Temple4.07 KMs away from Bateshwar Temple

Chausath Yogini Temple in Morena is located on a hilltop and one of the rarest of rare Hindu temples in India dedicated to the Tantric sect of Chausath or 64 Yogini. It is said that the design of the Indian Parliament is inspired by this temple in Morena. The Temples and monuments are well maintained by the archeological survey of India.