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Sheetla Mata Mandir - Things to Know Before Visiting

Hathiyapaur, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474008, India

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About Sheetla Mata Mandir

A Hindu temple dedicated to Sheethla matha in Gwalior. This is a divine spiritual place and it is not only for sightseeing but enables you to steal a self indulgent moment for yourself as well.

Attractions Near Sheetla Mata Mandir
Gujari Mahal archaeological museum Gwalior
Gujari Mahal archaeological museum Gwalior0.42km from Sheetla Mata Mandir

This is a state museum in Gwalior, located in the fortress of the Gujari Mahal. It displays numerous artifacts of the region, including a fragment of the Garuda capital of the Heliodorus pillar from Vidisha. Rare artifacts at the museum include Hindu and Jain sculptures dated to the 1st and 2nd centuries BCE, a miniature statue of Salabhanjika, terracotta items and replicas of frescoes seen in the Bagh Caves.

Karn Mahal
Karn Mahal0.66km from Sheetla Mata Mandir

The Karan Mahal is another significant monument at Gwalior Fort. The Karn mahal was built by the second king of the Tomar dynasty, Kirti Singh. He was also known as Karn Singh, hence the name of the palace.

Gwalior Fort
Gwalior Fort0.69km from Sheetla Mata Mandir

Gwalior Fort is one of the most impenetrable fortresses located in the heart of Gwalior situated on the top of a vast rocky mountain. It is also the places where the second oldest reference of the number 'zero' has been found in the form of a carving inside a temple on the top of the fort. The entire fort complex is well maintained and includes temples, water tanks, and palaces.

Chaturbhuj Temple Gwalior Fort
Chaturbhuj Temple Gwalior Fort0.74km from Sheetla Mata Mandir

Chaturbhuj is a Hindu temple excavated in a rock face in the Gwalior Fort, in c875 AD, by Alla, the son of Vaillabhatta, and the grandson of Nagarabhatta of the Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty, in present-day Madhya Pradesh

Man Singh Palace
Man Singh Palace0.81km from Sheetla Mata Mandir

Gwalior is also popular for the Man Singh Palace. Located within the Gwalior Fort, it is a splendid example of Hindu architecture of the 14th and 15th centuries. The Man Singh Palace was made under the rule of Tomar ruler Raja Man Singh. Construction of the palace was done between 1486 and 1516. This is also the place where Mughal emperor Aurangzeb jailed and killed his kin Murad.

Tomb of Tansen
Tomb of Tansen1.23km from Sheetla Mata Mandir

This is the tomb of Tanzen, One of the greatest musicians of India and en eminent vocalist in the courts of Akbar in the medieval period . Tansen Samaroh is the most significant music festival of Gwalior State. Well-known musicians participate in the Samaroh to offer musical tribute to Tansen near this place.

Where is Sheetla Mata Mandir
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Gwalior district is one of the 52 districts of Madhya Pradesh state in central India. Other cities and towns in this district are Antari, Bhitarwar, Bilaua, Dabra, Morar Cantonment, Pichhore, and Tekanpur.