Attractions to explore nearby Hazarduari Palace - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Hazarduari Palace

Hazarduari PalaceSiraj Ud Doullah Rd, Hazarduari, Murshidabad, West Bengal 742149, India

Earlier known as Bara Kothi located in the campus of Kila Nizamat in Murshidabad. In 1985, the palace was handed over to the Archaeological Survey of India for better preservation. It was the most conspicuous building,architectural wonder and the most visited place in Murshidabad.

Madina Masjid0.14 KMs away from Hazarduari Palace

Madina is a small mosque between the Palace and the Imambara. It is one of the most sacred Muslim places in Bengal. Made to replicate Hazrat Muhammad's tomb at Madina.

Nizamat Imambara0.26 KMs away from Hazarduari Palace

Nizamat Imambara is a Shia Muslim congregation hall in Murshidabad built in 1847 AD by Nawab Mansur Ali Khan. It is a very important historical and religious monument built by Nawab Mansur Ali Khan. This Imambara is the largest one in India and Bengal.

Katra Masjid1.93 KMs away from Hazarduari Palace

One of the oldest double storied mosque built by Nawab Murshid Quli Khan in 1723. The mosque had four minarets out of which two were destroyed. A winding staircase takes you to the top of the minaret from where one gets a spectacular view of the surroundings. It is now maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

JAHAN KOSHA CANNON2.68 KMs away from Hazarduari Palace

Jahan Kosha Cannon is a great gun literally means the" Destroyer of the World". It is placed in the Nawab's Artillery Park and the entrance gate of the old capital of Bengal. The cannon is more than 7 tons in weight. It is 17 feet and 6 inches in length and 3 feet in width.

Motijhil3.18 KMs away from Hazarduari Palace

Motijhil, also referred to as Company Bagh because of its affiliation with the East India Company, is a horse-shoe formed lake in Murshidabad,  created by Nawazish Muhammad Khan,  He also constructed a precious palatial palace beside this lake. A beautiful garden and the precious marbles are the other specialties. Motijhil literally means Pearl lake.