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About Kankalitala Mandir

Kankalitala is one of the sacred destinations of Hindus. which is the holy abode of Goddess Sati. It is an ideal destination for those spiritually inclined. Daily a lot of people visit this temple. The surrounding of this temple is very calm and quiet which is good for meditating.

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Chhatim Tala  shanthinikethan

Chhatim Tala shanthinikethan

5.32km from Kankalitala Mandir

This place was the meditation spot of Tagore's father. The prayer hall, one of the prettiest places in Santiniketan is located in close vicinity. The site is considered to be very sacred and highly revered.

Patha Bhavana

Patha Bhavana

5.4km from Kankalitala Mandir

This is an institution of primary and secondary education in Santiniketan Founded by Rabindranath Tagore in 1901. This school is characterized by its philosophy of learning with the heart in closeness to nature without any superficial barriers between teachers and students.

Kala Bhavan

Kala Bhavan

5.52km from Kankalitala Mandir

Kala Bhavana is well-known as a distinguished centre for Visual Art practice and research in India. It is an institution of education and research in visual arts, founded in 1919, it was established by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary & Deer Park

Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary & Deer Park

5.7km from Kankalitala Mandir

This lush territory is situated close Santiniketan in Bolpur subdivision of Birbhum District was created in 1977. It is home to three water bodies which is the host for so many migratory birds and there are also so many wildlife populations also.

Amar Kutir Shantiniketan

Amar Kutir Shantiniketan

8.12km from Kankalitala Mandir

Amar Kutir was once a place of refuge for independence movement activists in India and Bangladesh. Now it has been turned into a cooperative society for the promotion of arts and crafts.

Tarapith Temple

Tarapith Temple

44.8km from Kankalitala Mandir

An ancient temple located on the banks of the Dwarka River. It is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths in India. Historically important temple and is an architectural wonder full of mysteries and exciting facts which make it a must-visit.

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Birbhum, the Land of Red Soil is known for its cultural values. This district saw many cultural and religious movements in history. It is primarily an agricultural district with around 75% of the population being dependent on agriculture.

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