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Mount Turnbull - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Mt Turnbull, Arizona 85530, USA

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About Mount Turnbull

Mount Turnbull is the highest point in the Santa Teresa Mountains in western Graham County, Arizona. The summit has an elevation of 8,284 feet and a prominence of 3,562 feet. It is the highest point in the Santa Teresa Mountains and the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. A recreational permit is required for access to reservation land.

Attractions Near Mount Turnbull

Santa Teresa mountains
Santa Teresa mountains18.92km from Mount Turnbull

The Santa Teresa Mountains are a mountain range located within the Coronado National Forest and partly within the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, in western Graham County, Arizona. The highpoint of the range located in the Coronado National Forest section is 7,481 ft, however the high point of the entire range is Mt. Turnbull at 8,282 ft elevation and is located on the reservation.

San Carlos Reservoir
San Carlos Reservoir21.66km from Mount Turnbull

San Carlos Lake was formed by the construction of the Coolidge Dam and is rimmed by 158 miles (254 km) of shoreline. The lake is located within the 3,000-square-mile San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. Because of irrigation needs, the water level at the lake sometimes is low enough to kill its self-sustaining fish, but during wet years, the water can overtop Coolidge Dam. Since construction of the dam, the lake has been nearly empty at least 20 times, and has been full only three times.

San Carlos Lake
San Carlos Lake23.4km from Mount Turnbull

San Carlos is one of eight lakes with desert surroundings created by damming rivers in the hills around Phoenix, and like the others, it has quite a dramatic setting. The lake is located within the 3,000-square-mile San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, and is thus subject to tribal regulations.Jet-skiing, water skiing, and boating are also allowed.

Coolidge Dam
Coolidge Dam27.49km from Mount Turnbull

Coolidge Dam is a concrete multiple dome and buttress dam located on the Gila River in Arizona, United States. It was opened in the 1930s to provide irrigation water for the surrounding region. The dam is 249 feet tall and 580 feet long and impounds the waters of the Gila River to form San Carlos Reservoir.

Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness
Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness28.88km from Mount Turnbull

Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness is a 19,410 acres wilderness area located in the U.S. State of Arizona.The wilderness includes the 11-mile long Aravaipa Canyon, the surrounding tablelands and nine side canyons. The Nature Conservancy's Aravaipa Canyon Preserve protects 7,000 acres of private land and is contiguous with the BLM wilderness area. A permit and fee are required to enter Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness. Use is limited to 50 people per day.

Needle's Eye Wilderness
Needle's Eye Wilderness34.47km from Mount Turnbull

The Needle's Eye Wilderness became part of the now over 109 million acre National Wilderness Preservation System established by the Wilderness Act of 1964. In wilderness, you can enjoy challenging recreational activities and extraordinary opportunities for solitude. It is surrounded by the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation to the north and south, and private lands to the east and west. Visitors must obtain permission in advance to access the Wilderness.

Where is Mount Turnbull

Discover More Attractions in Graham County, Where Mount Turnbull Is Located

Graham County
Graham County
27 attractions

Graham County is a county in the southeastern part of the U.S. state. Today, the area's natural wonders attract city dwellers seeking adventure and relaxation - backpacking through Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness, hiking alongside Bonita Creek, floating down the Gila River, fishing on Roper Lake, or relaxing in natural mineral hot springs.