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Fort Rammekens - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Rammekensweg, 4389 TZ Ritthem, Netherlands


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About Fort Rammekens

Fort Rammekens is a Dutch fortress near Ritthem , at the mouth of the former Welzinge Canal , which gave access to the port of Middelburg , a few kilometers east of Vlissingen on the Western Scheldt. The fortress played an important role in the Eighty Years' War between 1560 and 1575 , it changed occupiers several times. On February 8, 1574, the transfer of the city of Middelburg was signed here by Cristóbal de Mondragón and William of Orange .

Attractions Near Fort Rammekens

Mini Mundi
Mini Mundi3.46km from Fort Rammekens

Mini Mundi is a family amusement park in Middelburg that opened its doors on May 15, 2009. It is part of Zep Leisure Park Middelburg and is located at the Podium in the Mortierepolder. It is a continuation of the former Miniature Walcheren , which was located on the Molenwater in the middle of the city.

Het Bolwerk
Het Bolwerk4.84km from Fort Rammekens

Het Bolwerk is a pop stage for contemporary music in Sneek . The stage is part of Cultural Quarter Sneek .The stage is named after the bastion Het Bolwerk , near the stage. The Bolwerk is located on the Kerkgracht , next to the Noorderkerk and is located in the former Bolwerkschool . The stage was founded in the 1970s and, viewed nationally, is a medium-sized stage. The building was completely renovated in 2009 .

Zeeland maritime muZEEum
Zeeland maritime muZEEum5.61km from Fort Rammekens

The Zeeuws Maritime MuZEEum is a maritime museum in the center of Vlissingen, situated on the marina of the city. It is housed in a building complex with buildings from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 21st century.The museum's permanent collection consists of the city's historical artifacts and objects showing the maritime history of Zeeland. Inside, the sub-collections and study collections are classified according to the Museum Inventarisatie Project.

Toorenvliedt5.67km from Fort Rammekens

Toorenvliedt is a country estate in Middelburg , the capital of Zeeland . The current building dates from 1726 . At the time, it was, of course, still outside the city. It was the German headquarters of the Atlantic Wall for Walcheren and the two Bevelanden during the Second World War. The surrounding estate contains bunkers from the Second World War. It features a bunker route, an open-air theater, a labyrinth , and a bird sanctuary. Statues of Peter de Jong have been placed on the fence .

Iguana reptile Zoo
Iguana reptile Zoo5.78km from Fort Rammekens

Reptile Zoo Iguana is a foundation that collects and exhibits reptiles , amphibians and arthropods. The shelter was opened to the public on May 19, 1982. The animals come from ports and airports, among other places. There they are confiscated if they are illegally smuggled into the Netherlands.

Vleeshal Middelburg
Vleeshal Middelburg5.94km from Fort Rammekens

Vleeshal Center for Contemporary Art organises exhibitions of contemporary art and an accompanying public program at Vleeshal in Middelburg, the Netherlands. Vleeshal resides in Middelburg’s former town hall, on the market square. Characterized by its distinct Gothic architecture, Vleeshal is a unique space. The venue has inspired many artists to create extraordinary exhibitions, bringing Vleeshal international renown.

Where is Fort Rammekens

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Zeeland is the westernmost and least populous province of the Netherlands. It consists of a number of islands and peninsulas. Tourism plays a major role in the province’s economy as the local beaches become tourist hotspots in the summer. German tourists, in particular, flock to Zeeland to enjoy its beautiful weather and stunning beaches.