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University Museum Utrecht | UMU - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Lange Nieuwstraat 106, 3512 PN Utrecht, Netherlands


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About University Museum Utrecht | UMU

The University Museum in the city of Utrecht is a science museum that manages the historical collections of Utrecht University. The old adjacent Hortus Botanicus is part of the museum. There is a special Youth Lab for experiments by children. The collection comprises around 200,000 objects, including approximately 80,000 photographs.

Attractions Near University Museum Utrecht | UMU

Oude Hortus
Oude Hortus0.01km from University Museum Utrecht | UMU

The Old Hortus refers to the garden that was the botanical garden of the University of Utrecht from 1723 to 1920 . The Oude Hortus is located between the Lange Nieuwstraat and the Nieuwegracht . The garden is still home to many species of animals and especially plants, including several species of stinsen plants, such as crown imperial, wild garlic and winter aconite.

Centraal Museum
Centraal Museum0.13km from University Museum Utrecht | UMU

The Central Museum is a majestic museum located in the city of Utrecht It has an extensive collection of old and modern art , fashion, applied art and the Miffy Museum and the Rietveld Schröder House are also part of the Centraal Museum. It contains more than 50,000 objects and consists of contemporary drawings, historical costumes, abstract paintings and archaeological finds.

Nicolaïkerk0.2km from University Museum Utrecht | UMU

The Nicolaïkerk is a church in the Dutch city of Utrecht , located at Nicolaaskerkhof 8. The church is also popularly known as the Nicolaaskerk. It is in use by the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. The church was built in the early twelfth century as the second parish church of Utrecht (the first was the Buurkerk.

Sonnenborgh Observatory
Sonnenborgh Observatory0.23km from University Museum Utrecht | UMU

Sonnenborgh Observatory is an astronomical observatory and museum open to the public, located in Utrecht, Netherlands. It was founded in 1853 as a university observatory and from 1854 until 1897 it was the first home of the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute.

Nieuwegracht0.25km from University Museum Utrecht | UMU

The Nieuwegracht is one of the most famous canals in the inner city of the Dutch city of Utrecht . It is also the name for the two streets on either side of this canal. The many monumental canal houses , wharf cellars , wharves with trees and bridges are characteristic.

Zocherpark0.43km from University Museum Utrecht | UMU

The Zocherpark is a city park in the Dutch city of Utrecht that is located along part of the canal around the old city center . The several kilometers long Singelplantsoen was designed by the 19th-century landscape architect Jan David Zocher Jr. With a few exceptions, the centuries-old city defenses were demolished during the construction. A large part of the freed up space was subsequently used for the construction of the park.

Where is University Museum Utrecht | UMU

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Utrecht is a province of the Netherlands. It is located in the centre of the country. It is home to a number of nature preserves, castles and bustling cities. With the region having such a rich and long history, there are many old cities and ancient buildings to explore. The city of Utrecht features a historic center with an old cathedral tower that dates back to the Middle Ages.