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Udgir Fort - Things to Know Before Visiting

Fort Road, Khadkali, Udgir, Maharashtra 413517, India

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About Udgir Fort

Udgir Fort is a fort built in pre- Bahamani age dating from the twelfth century CE. It is also famous for the historic battle in which Marathas led by Sadashivrao Bhau, defeated Nizam, and after which the treaty of Udgir was signed. There are many old military observation points, and rest houses scattered over the surrounding hills, all built from an unusual white clay. However, all have long since fallen into ruin. Udgir Fort may also have a deep tunnel connecting it with Bhalki and Bider fort

Attractions Near Udgir Fort

Buddha Garden
Buddha Garden57.55km from Udgir Fort

This is a beautiful garden Which as a huge Buddha statue in the middle of the park which was located in the Latur district.

Gurunanak Jhira,
Gurunanak Jhira, 67.44km from Udgir Fort

A Sikh historical shrine located in Bidar. It is located at a short distance off one edge of the plateau on which Bidar is located and there are sweeping views of the plains as you descend down the road to the present gurdwara.

Ausa Fort
Ausa Fort67.55km from Udgir Fort

Ausa fort in Latur district is one such fort that has a blurred history of itself. Ausa Fort’s prominence came to light during the fights between the Deccan Sultanates after the Bahamani Era. The Fort had been named 13 different names, but the name Ausa was the last one that it is now known by. The fort is located in a depressed ground level, and the highest point of the fort looks over the surrounding higher ground level.

Bidar Fort
Bidar Fort68.54km from Udgir Fort

Stands tall with the pride of historical significance and architectural brilliance in the city of Bidar. This is one of the majestic throwbacks of the opulent past of India

Shri Narsimha Jharna Mandir
Shri Narsimha Jharna Mandir71.43km from Udgir Fort

This is a cave temple in Bidar.T he idol of Lord Narasimha is inside a cave and devotees have to walk through waist deep water for about 350 metres to have a darshan of the deity.

Sai Vaijanth temple
Sai Vaijanth temple80.04km from Udgir Fort

Thgis is an ancient shiva temple located at Parli vaiijnath. it is built out of stone on a small hill and is surrounded by a wall that protects it from all sides.

Where is Udgir Fort

Discover More Attractions in Latur, Where Udgir Fort Is Located

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Latur is an administrative district and thee 16th largest city of Maharashtra. The district is primarily agricultural.