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Cauldstane Slap - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Cauldstane Slap, Kirknewton EH46 7HL, UK

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About Cauldstane Slap

Cauldstane Slap is a pass located in the Pentland Hills of Scotland. It marks the border between the neighboring council areas of West Lothian and Scottish Borders and historically the border between Edinburghshire and Peeblesshire. It offers a good trip through the middle of nature and also there are somnay other adventure options too.

Attractions Near Cauldstane Slap

West Cairn Hill
West Cairn Hill1.08km from Cauldstane Slap

West Cairn Hill is a summit in the Pentland Hills region or range in Scotland. West Cairn Hill is 562 metres high. All the walking routes up West Cairn Hill on Mud and Routes can be found below. The Cauldstane Slap pass runs at the saddle point between West and East Cairn Hill. The surrounding hills include Colzium Hill and Torweaving Hill in the southwest, East Cairn Hill in the northeast, and Wether Law in the east.

East Cairn Hill
East Cairn Hill1.38km from Cauldstane Slap

A majestic hill which was located in the Pentland Hills range of Scotland. With a height of 567 m. A good trekking destination and also there are so many things to see and do here.

Baddinsgill Reservoir
Baddinsgill Reservoir2.86km from Cauldstane Slap

Baddinsgill Reservoir is a small reservoir close to Carlops. The reservoir occupies about 23.7 hectares. The Lyne Water is dammed to form the reservoir, not the Baddinsgill Burn, which joins the Lyne Water further south, below the reservoir. It is close to Baddinsgill House.

Cairns Castle, Scotland
Cairns Castle, Scotland3.48km from Cauldstane Slap

Cairns Castle is though to have been built around 1440, and comprises of a rectangular main tower attached to which was a smaller square wing. The castle stands on a raised mound jutting out into the Harperrig Reservoir where it is fed by the Water of Leith. It has been a Scheduled Monument since 30 November 1981. It was a category B listed building until it was de-listed in 2015.

Mount Maw
Mount Maw3.67km from Cauldstane Slap

Mount Maw is a summit in Scottish Borders, situated southwest of Carlops Hill, southwest of Carlops Hill. It has an elevation of 535 metres. A huge mountain which has a good trekking area and also it offers some nice views too.

North Esk Reservoir
North Esk Reservoir3.67km from Cauldstane Slap

A small and beautiful reservoir situated north of Carlops, close to North Esk Cottage. It has an elevation of 342 metres. The reservoir was built by a consortium of Penicuik mill owners in 1850 to help regulate the flow of water in the river to give a constant supply to the numerous paper mills which had sprung up in the valley. This reservoir receives several streams, including the Gutterford Burn and Henshaw Burn and is the source of the River North Esk.

Where is Cauldstane Slap

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Midlothian is a historic county, registration county, lieutenancy area and one of 32 council areas of Scotland used for local government. Midlothian lies in the east-central Lowlands, bordering the City of Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders.