Attractions to explore nearby Kalingapatnam Light House - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Kalingapatnam Light House

Kalingapatnam Light HouseKalingapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 532406, India

A lighthouse, 31m high Hexagonal Masonry Tower red and white, is located near Thansahebpeta village. Kalingapatnam is known in the history as the Capital of Gang Dynasty who ruled the region, spread over the entire coastal belt from Godavari to Ganges (Hooghly) during 8th to 15th century. Kalingapatnam was a flourishing port and trade centre during the ancient times-Vessels from here sailed to Srilanka, Java, Sumatra and Singapore.

Salihundam Buddhist Heritage Site8.32 KMs away from Kalingapatnam Light House

Salihundam, a historically important Buddhist monument and a major tourist attraction. There are numerous Buddhist stupas, idols and etc at the archaeological museum. Salihundam is one of the main Buddhist excavation sites, due to its status as showing evidence that Buddhism thrived in the local area during the 2nd and 3rd centuries.