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Grenen - Things to Know Before Visiting


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About Grenen

One of the most popular attractions in Denmark, Grenen is a long sandbar spit at Skagen Odde, a sandy penisula that stretches for about 30 kilometers. Grenen means "The Branch", named for its shape like a tree branch, reaching out from the mainland. It is the northern most end of Denmark.

Attractions Near Grenen

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse
Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse61.89km from Grenen

First lit on December 1900, Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse is located on the coast of north sea. It sits on top of a cliff, 60 meters above sea level. Due to the extra amount of erosion in the coast(1.5 meters per year), the lighthouse was moved 70 meters inland in 2019.

Store Torungen
Store Torungen131.7km from Grenen

Store Torungen Lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse on the island of Store Torungen in the municipality of Arendal in Agder county, Norway. This lighthouse, together with the nearby Lille Torungen Lighthouse, mark the entrance from the Skaggerak through the outlying islands to the mainland town of Arendal. Both lighthouses were built in 1844 with the same specifications, making "twin" lighthouses marking the way to Arendal. The site of the Store Torungen Lighthouse is accessible only by boat. The

Lyngør Lighthouse
Lyngør Lighthouse132.68km from Grenen

A beautiful coastal lighthouse which was located in the island of Kjeholmen in the Lyngør. was established in 1879, and was listed as a protected site in 1997. It was automated in 2004, so no one is stationed there any longer.

Merdø134.01km from Grenen

Merdø is an island in Arendal municipality in Agder county, Norway. The 0.3-square-kilometre island lies along the Skagerrak coast, near the entrance to the Galtesundet, the main shipping channel leading to the town of Arendal on the mainland. The islands of Tromøy and Hisøya lie to the north and northwest. The small islands of Ærøya and Havsøya lie to the southwest. A part of the island is included in Raet National Park.

Trinity Church Arendal
Trinity Church Arendal136.44km from Grenen

The trinity church is the third church on this site. The first church, a Y-shaped wooden structure, was erected in 1670. A desire to assert the town's status over Kristiansand was probably the motive behind its construction. In the 1830s, the town's shipping industry flourished, the population grew and the church became too small and was therefore demolished in 1832.

Homborsund lighthouse
Homborsund lighthouse137.4km from Grenen

Homborsund lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse located on the island Store Grønningen at the entrance to Homborsund outside Grimstad. The lighthouse is an example of a multi-family station as the lighthouse keeper lived together with his family on the island. The coastal strait is very busy during the summer, and the lighthouse has a great value of experience as part of the local environment.

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