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Rotten Calder - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Rotten Calder, Glasgow, UK

Lake/ River/ Ponds

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About Rotten Calder

The Rotten Calder is a river to the east of East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, Scotland and along with the Rotten Burn it forms the southern and western boundaries of Blantyre. It was one of the iconic location with greenery and also it will rejuvinate your mind.

Attractions Near Rotten Calder

Gilbertfield Castle
Gilbertfield Castle2.54km from Rotten Calder

Gilbertfield Castle is a ruined 17th-century castle in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. It is located at NS652587, on the north slope of Dechmont Hill, just outside Cambuslang, to the south-east of Glasgow. The castle was built in the early 17th century, and the date 1607 is displayed on a heraldic panel above the door.

David Livingstone Birthplace
David Livingstone Birthplace2.84km from Rotten Calder

David Livingstone was a pioneering individual, who rose from humble beginnings in Blantyre, Scotland to become famous for his travels and his medical and missionary adventures in Africa. A Trust was set up in 1929 to hold and maintain a National Memorial and Museum on the site of Livingstone’s birth, which is made available to the public, providing an interesting, educational and enjoyable cultural experience.

Bothwell Castle
Bothwell Castle3.08km from Rotten Calder

Bothwell is the largest and finest 13th-century stone castle in Scotland. Much of castle dates from 14th and 15th centuries, but part of the original circular keep survives. Located in a beautiful setting overlooking the River Clyde, part of the original circular keep of Bothwell Castle survives. Bothwell played a key role in Scotland's Wars of Independence, changing hands several times.

The Bothwell Parish Church
The Bothwell Parish Church3.85km from Rotten Calder

Bothwell Parish Church is the oldest Collegiate Church in Scotland in which worship is still held. It is one of the most ancient, historic, beautiful and worshipful church buildings in Scotland. Our church stands at the heart of our community. We are an inclusive mainstream congregation of the Church of Scotland comprised of men, women and young people of all ages and circumstance.

James Hamilton Heritage Park
James Hamilton Heritage Park3.98km from Rotten Calder

James Hamilton Heritage Park is located to the north of the town of East Kilbride. The park features a 16 acre loch which provides beautiful and tranquil surroundings for our exciting range of water sports, from canoeing to windsurfing. The distance around the loch perimeter path is 1.2 kilometres. The Heritage Park is a Recognised Teaching Centre for the Scottish Canoe Association and Royal Yachting Association.

Calderglen Country Park
Calderglen Country Park4.38km from Rotten Calder

Calderglen Country Park is a country park in the Scottish town of East Kilbride. It is situated along the eastern edge of the town and is its principle greenspace and recreation area. The visitor centre and adjoining facilities centre on the 17th century Torrance House which is a Category A listed building, and the remains of its adjoining landscaped policies.

Where is Rotten Calder

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South Lanarkshire
South Lanarkshire
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South Lanarkshire is one of 32 unitary authorities of Scotland. It borders the south-east of the City of Glasgow and contains some of Greater Glasgow's suburbs, also containing many towns and villages. It was flourished with so many tourist attractions and also you can spend some good time there.