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Sankagiri Fort

Unnamed Road, VN Palayam, Sankari, Tamil Nadu 637301, India

Notable Architectures

About Sankagiri Fort

This is a historical fort maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. It was built in the 15th century by the Vijayanagar empire. This was an important military base for Tippu sultan.

Attractions near Sankagiri Fort

Kanjamalai26.53km from Sankagiri Fort

This hill is situated about 1643 meters above sea level. This wonderful place is a place of worship and a refuge for believers. It is full of hillock and greenery. Trekking place, viewpoint, etc.

Siddhar Temple32.2km from Sankagiri Fort

This is one of the 18 tamil siddha temple and is situated in the foot of Kanja malai. Several perennial wells, waterfalls and small reservoirs are present near to the temple.

Vellode Bird Sanctuary33.66km from Sankagiri Fort

This is a 18 hectare sanctuary located in the Erode district of Tamilnadu. This is a very famous place for seeing birds and to knoww about their habitat and other things.

Jedarpalayam Dam35.55km from Sankagiri Fort

Located in the Kabillarmalai panchayat. The dam is constructed across the river Kaveri where tourists flock in large numbers. Boating is available here and also a children's park is there.

Mettur Dam36.69km from Sankagiri Fort

One of the largest dam in India across Cauvery, which was built in 1934. There is a park at the base of the dam. This dam provides irrigation and drinking water facilities for more than 12 districts of Tamilnadu

Nainamalai Hills41.26km from Sankagiri Fort

This is a Hindu temple located on the top of a hill. it is believed that so many rishis including Naina rishi had done tapas in this dense forest. Trekking area, forest, natural beauty.

Where is Sankagiri Fort

Discover more attractions in Salem, where Sankagiri Fort is located

Salem10 attractions

Salem is a Geologist’s paradise, surrounded by hills and the landscape dotted with hillocks.