Thirumayam Fort in Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Thirumayam Fort

State Highway 210, Pudukkottai District, Thirumayam, Tamil Nadu 622507, India


About Thirumayam Fort

A 40-acre wide ring fortress in the town of Thirumayam.The construction of the fort is of inferior quality as small blocks of stone were used along with bricks for the building of the fortification.

Attractions near Thirumayam Fort

Government Museum, Pudukkottai16.58km from Thirumayam Fort

Home to some incredible and rare collections of artifacts and relics related zoology, paintings, geology, epigraphy, anthropology, and more.

Karpaga Vinayagar TEMPLE19.48km from Thirumayam Fort

This is an ancient rock-cut cave shrine dedicated to  Lord Ganesha. There are rock-cut images of  Shiva and other gods as well as several shrines.

Sittannavasal Rock-Cut Jain Temple23.32km from Thirumayam Fort

Sittanavasal cave is a second-century Jain complex of caves. The monument is a rock-cut monastery or temple created by Jains.

Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary30.41km from Thirumayam Fort

This is a protected area for birds. breeding habitat. It was declared as a sanctuary in 1977. This place draws attention to various migratory birds and species.

Anna Science Center Planetarium Office58.21km from Thirumayam Fort

The Anna Science Centre Planetarium was established by the government of Tamil Nadu in 1999. Comprising of a number of exhibits that cover different eco-system and bio-diversity along

Manora Fort principally adopts its name “Manora”, from the corresponding English word “Minaret”. From the nearest shore, the hexagonal tower, which is built within the fort, is an 8-storied building, which is about 23-meters tall, looking over the majestic Bay of Bengal.

Where is Thirumayam Fort

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Pudukkottai3 attractions

Home of pre-historic man, much cultural heritage with fortresses, temple, palaces and many historical monuments.