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20 Attractions to Explore Near Papanasam Dam

Papanasam Dam
Papanasam DamPapanasam Dam, Ambasamudram - Papanasam - Upper Dam Rd, Papanasam R.F., Tamil Nadu 627551, India

The Papanasam dam is also known as the Karaiyar dam. The dam is used to irrigate Thirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts.

Nearby Attractions

Agasthiyar Falls
Agasthiyar Falls1.00 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

Agastiyar falls is located near to the Papanasham in Thirunelveli district. The falls is located on the western ghats and to the Papanasam lower.

Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve
Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve5.38 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

Covering nearby 900 sq kms. This is a treasure trove for the wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

Karaiyar Dam
Karaiyar Dam7.26 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

A beautiful picnic spot inside the Kalakkad mundanthurai reserve. Boating facilities are available here.

Manimuthar Dam
Manimuthar Dam7.85 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

The Manimuthar Dam is situated at the foothills of the scenic Podhigai Hills. It is built on the Thamirabarani River. The area features marvelous natural beauty. The spot where the waters, the mountains, and the sky meet offers a spectacular view.

Bana Theertham water Falls
Bana Theertham water Falls9.54 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

It is located inside the picturesque location of the Karaiyar dam. This is a natural cascading falls located in the Kalakad Mundanthurai tiger reserve.

Agasthyakoodam15.21 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

The most difficult trek in Kerala, taking you to the top of Agasthyakoodam through forests and valleys and waterfalls.

Meenmutty Waterfalls- Thiruvananthapuram
Meenmutty Waterfalls- Thiruvananthapuram23.39 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

The 30 meters tall waterfall accessed by a hike through dense tropical forest.

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary
Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary25.57 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

A dam-site with its beautiful tiny islands and a sanctuary with thick forest covers

Pechiparai Dam
Pechiparai Dam27.35 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

An artificial water body, situated near the pechiparai village of Kanyakumari. Constructed between 1897 and 1906. A European engineer was the one who worked behind this beautiful dam.

Ponmudi Hill Station
Ponmudi Hill Station27.40 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

The golden peaks of Ponmudi with its year-round cool climate and amazing scenery.

Courtallam Main Falls
Courtallam Main Falls27.61 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

The falls is located on the western ghats on the river Chittar and is considered as a medical spa on account of the medical smell in the waters.

Thirparappu WaterFalls
Thirparappu WaterFalls35.69 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

The kodyar river makes it descent at the Thirparappu and the waterfall. It is a magnificent waterfall which will rejuvenate the viewer's mind. We can take a bath from this waterfall by enjoying the natural beauty.

Palaruvi Waterfalls
Palaruvi Waterfalls36.05 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

A 90 meters tall waterfall, surrounded by large boulders and plunging from a hill side creating pools below.

Sasthampara40.02 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

Offbeat hillock destination, trekking,city view etc.

Veerapandiya Kattabomman Statue
Veerapandiya Kattabomman Statue41.32 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

This is the statue of the Historian, Freedom fighter Veeerapandya Kattabomman. He refused to accept the sovereignty of the British and waged a war against them.

Pathimoonnu Kannara Bridge
Pathimoonnu Kannara Bridge41.93 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

The 13 Kannara bridge or 13 Arch Bridge (Pathimoonu Kannara Bridge) is a 108-year-old bridge from the British era consisting of 13 arches. It is a major landmark on the Kollam-Sengottai railway line. The bridge connects two hillocks and stands on thirteen granite pillars each almost a hundred feet tall. The bridge is sandwiched by the Kollam-Thirumangalam National Highway on one side and the River Kazhuthurutti on the other. It is 102.72 meters (337.0 ft) long and 5.18 meters (17.0 ft) tall.

Thenmala Dam
Thenmala Dam42.60 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

Thenmala Dam, located in Kollam district of Kerala is the second largest irrigation project in the state of Kerala. The water from the dam is used for irrigation and for power generation. It has the longest reservoir of the state.

Chitharal Rock Cut Temple
Chitharal Rock Cut Temple42.62 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

Also, called as Chitharal Malai kovil is situated in the Thiruchanattu malai. There are two monuments and also there is a cave containing rock-cut sculptures of Tirthankaras and the attendant deities carved inside and outside dating back to 9th century AD.

Kudukkathupara46.34 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

Kudukkathupara is situated at a height of 850 meters above sea level. It consists of three large rocks out of which you can climb the first two rocks. The tops of the last rock, which is also the tallest is inaccessible. About four districts of Kerala and some parts of the neighbouring Tamil Nadu state can be viewed from the top of the second rock.

Thiruvananthapuram Zoo
Thiruvananthapuram Zoo48.85 KMs away from Papanasam Dam

One of the oldest zoo in India, home to a large number of wild animals.