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Attractions to explore near Vellore Fort

Vellore Fort
Vellore FortFort Round Rd, Balaji Nagar, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004, India

This is a 16th-century fort in the city of Vellore. this fort was once the headquarters of the Aravidu dynasty.

Nearby Attractions

Sri Puram Golden Temple
Sri Puram Golden Temple7.22 KMs away from Vellore Fort

The golden temple sits inside a spiritual park or ‘Spiritual Oasis’, and a star path leads the visitors towards it. The main feature of the temple has to be that it is covered in real gold foil and it is regarded as the biggest and the only temple to do that.

 Amirthi Zoological Park
Amirthi Zoological Park22.43 KMs away from Vellore Fort

Opened in 1967 and is about 25 hectares of area. Half of this jungle is cleared to serve as a tourist spot while the other half is served as a wildlife sanctuary.

Jamunamarathur44.55 KMs away from Vellore Fort

This is an extension of the western ghats and contains a large variety of flora and fauna and is famous for blueish- gray granites.

Mahendravadi Rock Cut Temple
Mahendravadi Rock Cut Temple45.30 KMs away from Vellore Fort

The contribution of the Pallava to cultural development. The cave temple in this village is an important one as it is the only cave temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu which was constructed by Mahendravarman I (600-630 CE). This cave is excavated on a free-standing boulder.

Parvathamalai Top
Parvathamalai Top56.43 KMs away from Vellore Fort

A hilltop location, viewpoint . There is a temple dedicated to Shiva and this place is vested with a lot of spiritual power.

Arulmigu Thiruthani Murugan Temple
Arulmigu Thiruthani Murugan Temple58.47 KMs away from Vellore Fort

A Hindu temple located in the hill of Thiruthani, Tamilnadu, India dedicated to Lord Muruga. The temple has 365 steps depicting a year.

Jalagamparai-Waterfalls69.40 KMs away from Vellore Fort

Located at a 1000 meter above sea level. The cool hill station of Yelagiri is situated in the district of Vellore. Trekking area, natural beauty, offroad.

Yelagiri Hills
Yelagiri Hills71.34 KMs away from Vellore Fort

Yelagiri is a cluster of 14 hamlets lies between four mountains spread over an area of 30 sq km having an altitude of 3500 ft. The tribal people who live here are engaged in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, etc. Orchards rose gardens and green valleys, surround these hills.

Kailasakona Waterfalls
Kailasakona Waterfalls75.20 KMs away from Vellore Fort

Kailasakona Waterfalls are a natural perennial waterfall in the valley of Nagari hills in Chittoor District. The water originates from the split in a mass rock. The water here is crystal clear having considerable mineral values & medicinal powers and can heal ailments. The tourists are not allowed to go uphill to the top of the falls.

Arunachala Hill
Arunachala Hill76.01 KMs away from Vellore Fort

Mountain, Spiritual way, Trekking, viewpoint, nature etc.

Virupaksha Cave
Virupaksha Cave76.81 KMs away from Vellore Fort

Virupaksha Cave located in Thiruvannamalai was the abode of the saint Virupaksha Deva in the 14th century. It is believed that saint Virupaksha spent most of his life in this cave.

Arulmigu Arunachaleswarar Temple
Arulmigu Arunachaleswarar Temple76.95 KMs away from Vellore Fort

This is one of the renowned temples of Tamilnadu with its architecture and history. This temple is located in the foothiills of Arunachaleswar hills.

Gingee Fort
Gingee Fort80.02 KMs away from Vellore Fort

The Maratha king Shivaji ranked this fort as the "most impregnable fortress in India" and it was called 'the troy of the East'.

Rajagiri Fort
Rajagiri Fort80.08 KMs away from Vellore Fort

A fort built in 1200 AD. It is made up of saffron and BlackRock. Currently, the fort includes a Magazine, gymnasium, palace site, audience hall, stable, clocktower, granary, treasury, etc.

Sri Venkateshwara National Park
Sri Venkateshwara National Park82.29 KMs away from Vellore Fort

This is a national park and Biosphere reserve in Andhra pradesh, India. the park is known for its many waterfalls. The vegetation in the national park consists of dry deciduous mixed forest with patches of moist deciduous forests in the valleys.

Sathanur Dam
Sathanur Dam84.80 KMs away from Vellore Fort

Sathanur Dam is formed by Sathanur Reservoir, one of the major dams in Tamil Nadu. It is constructed across the Thenpennai River also called as Pennaiyar River in Thandarampet taluk among Chennakesava Hills.

Tirumala87.81 KMs away from Vellore Fort

Tirumala Venkateswara temple is one of the richest temples in the world which is dedicated to Lord Shri Venkateshwara. It is also one of the most visited temples by the Hindus. The architecture of the temple is its star attraction which leaves one spellbound. The temple features Dravidian style of architecture all around, right from the intricately carved doorways to Mandap.

Silathoranam Garden
Silathoranam Garden88.21 KMs away from Vellore Fort

Silathoranam is a natural rock formation in Tirumala, which is situated near the Chakra Theertham. This rock formation holds an archaeological importance and resembles the hood of a serpent, a discus and a conch. Local inhabitants also believe that this rock is dedicated to the idol of Lord Venkateswara.

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary
Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary89.17 KMs away from Vellore Fort

This is the oldest bird sanctuary in India. It was a favorite hunting ground of rich landlords back in the early 1700's who hunted mainly for sport.

Nagalapuram Water Falls
Nagalapuram Water Falls93.22 KMs away from Vellore Fort

Nagalapuram Falls is a short trekking destination. It is located in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. Its trail stretches through the Eastern Ghats and its thick forest covers. The trekking route is 4 km in length and can be completed within a day. The trekking route of Nagalapuram Waterfalls is adorned with picturesque views of lush green hills. There are three waterfalls present along the trekking route, and each one offers a unique and pristine view to travellers.