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Attractions to explore near Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

Jalagamparai-WaterfallsNagalathu Extension R.F., Tamil Nadu 635853, India

Located at a 1000 meter above sea level. The cool hill station of Yelagiri is situated in the district of Vellore. Trekking area, natural beauty, offroad.

Nearby Attractions

Yelagiri Hills1.94 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

Yelagiri is a cluster of 14 hamlets lies between four mountains spread over an area of 30 sq km having an altitude of 3500 ft. The tribal people who live here are engaged in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, etc. Orchards rose gardens and green valleys, surround these hills.

Jamunamarathur29.64 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

This is an extension of the western ghats and contains a large variety of flora and fauna and is famous for blueish- gray granites.

Parvathamalai Top39.92 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

A hilltop location, viewpoint . There is a temple dedicated to Shiva and this place is vested with a lot of spiritual power.

Krishnagiri Fort44.04 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

This fort is perched on a hillock which can be accessed by a flight of stairs, it was built in the 16th century by Krishnaddevaraya. This fort has an important role in the history of Tamilnadu.

Sathanur Dam45.41 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

Sathanur Dam is formed by Sathanur Reservoir, one of the major dams in Tamil Nadu. It is constructed across the Thenpennai River also called as Pennaiyar River in Thandarampet taluk among Chennakesava Hills.

Theerthamalai49.17 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

Theerthamalai is an important sacred place in the Dharmapuri district of Tamilnadu. The name Theerthamalai means the hill with holy water. There is a temple locatd in the top of the hillock named Theerthagiriswarar.

Amirthi Zoological Park51.79 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

Opened in 1967 and is about 25 hectares of area. Half of this jungle is cleared to serve as a tourist spot while the other half is served as a wildlife sanctuary.

Arunachala Hill58.14 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

Mountain, Spiritual way, Trekking, viewpoint, nature etc.

Virupaksha Cave59.05 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

Virupaksha Cave located in Thiruvannamalai was the abode of the saint Virupaksha Deva in the 14th century. It is believed that saint Virupaksha spent most of his life in this cave.

Arulmigu Arunachaleswarar Temple59.68 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

This is one of the renowned temples of Tamilnadu with its architecture and history. This temple is located in the foothiills of Arunachaleswar hills.

Sri Puram Golden Temple62.43 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

The golden temple sits inside a spiritual park or ‘Spiritual Oasis’, and a star path leads the visitors towards it. The main feature of the temple has to be that it is covered in real gold foil and it is regarded as the biggest and the only temple to do that.

Rayakottai64.10 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

One of the protected monuments of the Archaeological survey of India. This is built on a hillock which is higher than any other hillock in the vicinity.

Vellore Fort69.40 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

This is a 16th-century fort in the city of Vellore. this fort was once the headquarters of the Aravidu dynasty.

Kolaramma Temple84.29 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

The temple which is built in Dravida Vimana style and dates back to the Ganga period. There is so many renovatipons and additions has done in this architectural wonder.

Sri Chandra Choodeswara Temple87.21 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

The Chandrachoodeswar temple is situated in the top of a hill at Hosur and was built by Thirupuvanamalla Barvatharaja Anthiyazhvar of the Hoysala dynasty in the year 1260. It is dedicated to the god Shiva and Parvathi. The whole temple is made up of stone and there is a beautiful raja gopuram on top of the prime entrance.

(ANTARA GANGE) Shree Kaashi Vishwanatha Temple87.26 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

This temple is located in a beautiful place which is surrounnded bby mountains. The temple has main shivalingam and around five other lingams on the side of the main matapa. The devotees believes that the waterbody surrounded by the temple is the sacred Ganga and it has been falling from the head of Shiva.

Ulagalantha Perumal Temple90.05 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

A Hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu constructed in the Dravidian style architecture. Historically important place having so many beautiful structures and a serene surrounding.

Gingee Fort90.31 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

The Maratha king Shivaji ranked this fort as the "most impregnable fortress in India" and it was called 'the troy of the East'.

Rajagiri Fort90.66 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

A fort built in 1200 AD. It is made up of saffron and BlackRock. Currently, the fort includes a Magazine, gymnasium, palace site, audience hall, stable, clocktower, granary, treasury, etc.

Karadiyoor View Point91.27 KMs away from Jalagamparai-Waterfalls

Karadiyur is a hamlet in the vicinity of Yercaud and its surrounding regions are adorned by gorgeous forests, lakes, valleys, and gardens. This is the best viewpoint in Salem.