Mahadeva Historical temple in Koppal, Karnataka, India - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Mahadeva Historical temple

Itagi, Karnataka 583232, India

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About Mahadeva Historical temple

Architectural wonder, Historical place and a main pilgrimage tourist center in Karnataka. Home » Gadag » Mahadeva Temple Mahadeva Temple AUGUST 1, 2011 BY RAGGI MUDDE District: Koppal Town: Itagi Temple: Mahadeva Temple Mahadeva Temple mahadeva-temple-itagi The Mahadeva Temple was built along the plans of the Amruteshwara Temple constructed at Annigeri. The temple’s carvings, sculptures, pillars and tower stand proof to the immense talent of Chalukyan artists.

Attractions near Mahadeva Historical temple

Brahma Jinalaya (Basadi)27.86km from Mahadeva Historical temple

A Jain Temple in Lakkundi has an idol of Lord Mahavira seated on a lion throne. The temple is popularly known as the Brahma Jinalaya. It is believed to have been constructed by Attimabbe, wife of Nagadeva, the Chieftain of Chalukya King Ahavamalla.

Tungabhadra Dam45.39km from Mahadeva Historical temple

A multipurpose dam  serving irrigation, electricity generation, flood control etc , constructed across the Thungabadhra river which had been inaugurated at 1953

Hire Benkal49.52km from Mahadeva Historical temple

one of the largest prehistoric megalithic settlements in India Protected bu the Archaeological survey of India.

Virupaksha Temple54.18km from Mahadeva Historical temple

This temple of shiva is designated as UNESCO world heritage site located in the heart of Hampi. It has a large gopura which is covered by architectural beauty and the surroundings of the temple is also quite impressing. The archiitectural beauty of Hampi statrts from here.

Hemakuta Hill Temples54.21km from Mahadeva Historical temple

Cluster of ancient temples situated on the Hemakutta hills in Hampi. Popular viewpoint, Canvas of stones, hundreds of years old. Hemakuta hills literally means golden hillock

Kadalekalu Ganesha54.38km from Mahadeva Historical temple

One of the largest statues of Lord Ganesh in southern India. It has a height of 4.6 meters and is carved out of a single boulder. The belly of Ganesha has been chiseled in such a manner that it resembles a Bengal gram (known as Kadalekalu in the local language). The temple hall is decorated with tall and slender granite pillars.

Where is Mahadeva Historical temple

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Newborn district of Karnataka which has been carved out from Raichur district