Stoodley Pike in West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Stoodley Pike

19 Hare Ct, Todmorden OL14 6HJ, UK

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About Stoodley Pike

Stoodley Pike is a 402 m high elevation in the southern Pennines in the northern English county of West Yorkshire. The exposed hill carries the widely visible Stoodley Pike Monument, a 37 m high obelisk with a viewing platform. The foothills, which are not too conspicuous themselves, have become famous primarily for the striking monument on its northern tip. At first, it was just called Stoodley Pike, just like the hill; later the official name of the monument was changed to Stoodley Pike Monume

Attractions near Stoodley Pike

Hardcastle Crags5.18km from Stoodley Pike

Hardcastle Crags encompasses deep rocky ravines, tumbling streams, oak, beech, and pine woods, and some of the best examples of upland meadows in the country. Gibson Mill is situated within Hardcastle Crags woodland beside Hebden Water. Approximately half a mile along the valley there is a 19th-century cotton mill called Gibson Mill. The mill was water-powered and has been renovated to demonstrate renewable energy sources and a sustainability strategy.

Blackstone Edge7.17km from Stoodley Pike

Blackstone Edge is a gritstone escarpment rising to 1549 feet above sea level in the South Pennine hills, surrounded by moorland on the boundary between Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire in northern England. With a summit peaking at 349m, Blackstone Edge is ideally situated to capture the winds that blow across the Pennines, and the three turbines generate enough electricity to power an estimated 4,544 homes.

Hollingworth Lake9.91km from Stoodley Pike

Hollingworth Lake is a man-made lake which spans 118 acres. It was originally built as the main water source for the Rochdale Canal during the 19th century. The lake was originally built as the main water source for the Rochdale Canal, but developed as a tourist resort from the 1860s, and became known as the Weighver's Seaport.

Top Withins11.2km from Stoodley Pike

Top Withens is a ruined farmhouse near Haworth, West Yorkshire which is said to have been the inspiration for Wuthering Heights the novel by Emily Brontë. The ruin lies on the Pennine Way and is a popular walking destination from nearby Haworth and Stanbury. Such is the attraction to Japanese literary tourists that some footpath signs in the area include directions in Japanese.

Ogden Water Country Park11.37km from Stoodley Pike

This is one of the beatiful jewels within the countryside of Calderdale. Ogden Water Local Nature Reserve offers a superb opportunity to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Over 300,000 people visit Ogden Water every year for picnics, walking, feeding the ducks, family outings, and nature activities.  There is a lovely level footpath around Ogden Water and three longer walks from the site.

Bronte Waterfall11.89km from Stoodley Pike

Bronte Waterfalls is a 5.8-kilometer loop trail located near Keighley, West Yorkshire, England that features a waterfall and this place is also a nice trekking area and also you can spend some good time enjoying the waterfall.  It is an area of outstanding beauty and famous for its association with the Brontë sisters.

Where is Stoodley Pike

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West Yorkshire is a metropolitan county in England. Remnants of strong coal, wool and iron ore industries remain in the county, having attracted people over the centuries.