Monte Cetona in Umbria, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Monte Cetona

Via Monte Cetona, 05015 Fabro TR, Italy

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About Monte Cetona

The Monte Cetona is a mountain located in the southern Tuscany region of Italy.  The mountain stands near the SE border of the province of Siena, and closes the long, hilly ridge which divides val d'Orcia from val di Chiana. Not far from the summit there are several transission masts whose broadcasts, due to prominence and isolation of the mountain, can reach the areas of Perugia, Orvieto, and Arezzo. The Monte Cetona belongs to an S.C.I. also named Monte Cetona, which covers an area of 1604 ha.

Attractions near Monte Cetona

La Scarzuola11.59km from Monte Cetona

La Scarzuola is a rural town in Umbria, located in the Montegiove hamlet of the municipality of Montegabbione, in the province of Terni. It is well known for the ancient convent where, according to tradition, St. Francis of Assisi lived, and for the villa in the form of a "city-theater", conceived and built in the twentieth century by the Milanese architect Tomaso Buzzi as a personal interpretation of the theme of the " ideal city ".

Riserva Naturale Monte Rufeno12.84km from Monte Cetona

The Monte Rufeno nature reserve is a protected natural area located in the municipality of Acquapendente , in the province of Viterbo . The risera extends for 2893 hectares in a north-northeast position in the Aquesian territory. The inhabited centers of Trevinano and Torre Alfina , very close to the reserve, are ideal starting points for excursions and visits within the protected area.

Museo del fiore16.73km from Monte Cetona

The Museo del Fiore is a small interactive and multimedia museum immersed in the woods of the Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve, which is located 10 km from the town of Acquapendente and 2 km from the medieval village of Torre Alfina. An old rural building was built inside the Giardino farmhouse. With over 1,000 species of plants recognized in its territory and rare animals, the Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve, on the border with Umbria and Tuscany, is an area with a very high variety of flora and fauna.

Monte Peglia17.07km from Monte Cetona

The upstream Peglia is a mountain umbra situated in the territory of the municipality of San Venanzo, belonging to a group of reliefs that separate the territory of Orvieto from the Tiber valley , in the median segment of its path in the area of Umbria region .  It is included in the area of ​​the Monte Peglia and Selva di Meana park, with an area enclosed between the course of the Fersinone , Chiani , Faena and Calvana streams . The state-owned area is managed by the mountain community of the s

The necropolis of the Crocefisso del Tufo is an Etruscan necropolis located at the base of the cliff of Orvieto , which reached its maximum extension between the middle of the sixth century BC and the middle of the following century. It is accessed from a pedestrian street connected to the pedestrian walkway that surrounds the cliff. The small church that gave the necropolis its name can also be reached via a charming pedestrian path that descends from Porta Maggiore.

Pozzo della Cava18.87km from Monte Cetona

The Pozzo della Cava is located in Orvieto, in via Della Cava 28. It is a vast, 36-meter-deep hole originally dug by the Etruscans as a well and enlarged between 1527 and1530 by order of Pope Clement VII to supply water to Orvieto in the event of a siege. In 1646 the well was closed after five French officers were hurled down the pit in a brawl.

Where is Monte Cetona

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The region of Umbria is in central Italy and is an attractive destination for a low-key, pleasant holiday.  It is one of the few Italian regions to have no coastline, and its countryside is green and fertile, much of it wooded and hilly. Umbria is often described as a walkers' paradise.