Monte Tezio in Umbria, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Monte Tezio

Monte Tezio, 06131 Perugia, Province of Perugia, Italy

Mountain Peaks

About Monte Tezio

Mount Tezio is a mountain dell ' Umbria center, located about 10 km north of Perugia.  The mountain is located on the border between the territories of Perugia, Corciano and Umbertide.  The sides of the mountain are covered with oaks of downy oak, oak and elm; these are accompanied by hornbeam and ash, as well as pine forests of various species of conifers. The mountain and its surroundings are part of the Monte Tezio municipal park, which covers an area of ​​about 135 ha.

Attractions near Monte Tezio

Monte Acuto8.06km from Monte Tezio

The upstream Acuto is an upstream Umbria central.   is part of the Perugian Mesozoic massifs. It has the typical shape of a cone and is recognizable from a distance for this characteristic. It is often a destination for excursions to its peak from which you can see an excellent panorama of much of the region. At the top, there is an archaeological site with the remains of a sanctuary from the 6th - 5th century BC where a pastoral deity was venerated.

Città della Domenica9.8km from Monte Tezio

The Città della Domenica is a wildlife amusement park located in Perugia in Ferro di Cavallo. Inaugurated on 21 April 1963, it was the first amusement park to open in Italy.  Huge in size for the time, it spread over several hills of Monte Pulito presenting, immersed in the dense Umbrian vegetation, fairytale reconstructions, wildlife areas, and small mechanical attractions for children.

Etruscan Arch10.04km from Monte Tezio

Etruscan Arch, also known as Arch Augustus which date back to the III Century B.C., built along the perimeter of the old Etruscan Wall, it was the most important entrance to the city. It is made of travertine, as most Etruscan buildings, extracted from the cave of Saint Sabina. The cubes were assembled without using any mortar. The arch is placed in the middle of two trapezoidal towers built using the same technique.

Piazza IV Novembre10.13km from Monte Tezio

Piazza IV Novembre is located in the historic center of Perugia, and as Serafino Siepi wrote, "it is the most beautiful and most ancient square in the city, central to the same". The asymmetrical square opens up to the convergence of the five road axes that structure the medieval city and for its scenography, it has represented in every age the privileged place of urban functions: here the ancient forum was located and there are preserved monuments connected to the system urban planning of the E

Perugia Cathedral10.23km from Monte Tezio

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo is the main religious building in Perugia , in Umbria . It is the metropolitan cathedral of the Archdiocese of Perugia-Città della Pieve. Formerly the seat of the bishops and archbishops of Perugia, it has been since 1986 the archiepiscopal seat of the Archdiocese of Perugia-Città della Pieve.

Etruscan Well10.25km from Monte Tezio

The Etruscan well, also known as "Pozzo Sorbello" from the name of the family that still owns the building that incorporates the structure, is located in Perugia, in the historic center of the city. Access to the underground space, currently open to the public as a museum, is given, at number 18 in Piazza Danti, by a covered passage that leads to the underground rooms of Palazzo .Sorbello

Where is Monte Tezio

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The region of Umbria is in central Italy and is an attractive destination for a low-key, pleasant holiday.  It is one of the few Italian regions to have no coastline, and its countryside is green and fertile, much of it wooded and hilly. Umbria is often described as a walkers' paradise.