Attractions to explore nearby Temple of Clitunno - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Temple of Clitunno

Temple of ClitunnoStrada Statale Flaminia, 06042 Pissignano PG, Italy

The temple of Clitunno is a small chapel in the shape of the temple in the town of Campello Sul Clitunno. It is located about 1 km downstream of the sources of the Clitunno river, in an area where there are other springs, in the hamlet of Passignano. It is part of the serial site " Lombards in Italy: the places of power ", including seven places full of architectural, pictorial, and sculptural testimonies of Lombard art , registered in the List of World Heritage Sites of humanity UNESCO in June

Clitunno1.51 KMs away from Temple of Clitunno

The Clitunno is a river that flows in Umbria, a tributary of the Topino. In 2011 UNESCO included the small temple that stands on its banks among the World Heritage Sites.  It is born near the route of the Via Flaminia, in Campello sul Clitunno, between Spoleto and Foligno, and runs for 59.3 km passing through Pissignano, Cannaiola, Trevi, and Bevagna, to finally throw itself near Cannara in the Topino river, a tributary of the Chiascio. and therefore sub-tributary of the Tiber.

Valle Umbra8.62 KMs away from Temple of Clitunno

The Umbra Valley, also called Valley Spoletan, is a wide and extensive flood plain, the second dell ' Umbria, formerly occupied by two lakes, the Lacus Clitorius and the Lacus Umber, previously merged into a single basin and drained today, whose the only remaining trace is the Fonti del Clitunno. Elongated in shape, bordered to the east by the Apennine chain and to the west by the chain of the Martani Mountains, it extends in the north-south direction.