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Attractions to explore near Panambur Beach

Panambur Beach
Panambur BeachPanambur Beach, Mangalore, Karnataka

Credited as one of the safest and best-maintained beaches of India. It is the most popular, well connected and the most visited beach in Karnataka. Popular for watersports, seafood and dolphin viewing.

Nearby Attractions

Sultan Battery
Sultan Battery7.36 KMs away from Panambur Beach

A watchtower constructed in 1784 by Tipu Sultan. Constructed with mounted cannons, it was used to obstruct British warships from entering Mangalore by sea.

Kudroli Shree Bhagavathi Temple
Kudroli Shree Bhagavathi Temple9.47 KMs away from Panambur Beach

The Kudroli Bhagavathi Temple is on a two-acre scenic plot in the coronary heart of Mangalore in Karnataka. It is near Hampankatta. The temple is extra than thousand years old. The four renovated temple complexes had been built via Karnataka and Kerala artisans using black granite and wooden carvings.

Kadri Sri Manjunatha Temple
Kadri Sri Manjunatha Temple9.51 KMs away from Panambur Beach

A spectacular temple of Lord Manjunatha on the Kadri hills. It is said to be built during the 10th or 11th century and was converted to a complete stone structure during the 14th century. The bronze (panchaloha) idol of Lokeshwar, about 5 feet high present in the temple is considered as the oldest of the South Indian temples. It has an inscription dated 968 A.D, engraved on the pedestal.

St. Aloysius Chapel
St. Aloysius Chapel10.02 KMs away from Panambur Beach

Built by Jesuit Missionaries in 1880 and its interiors painted by the Italian Jesuit Antonio Moscheni in 1899. The interior of the chapel is decorated with paintings that cover almost all of the walls, which is unusual in chapels in India. The paintings are preserved by the trust of the arts and cultural heritage which maintains and restores all historic artifacts.

Tagore Park
Tagore Park10.17 KMs away from Panambur Beach

The Light House Hill garden has a garden besides the light house, from where the tourists can enjoy a marvelous view of the sea with moving boats and ships adding on to its serene beauty. One can see the beautiful sea view, sunset view and also the sailing ships and boats on the sea.

Pilikula Nisarga Dhama
Pilikula Nisarga Dhama10.58 KMs away from Panambur Beach

An integrated theme park with a wide variety of features. Presently includes a Biological Park, Arboretum, a Science Centre, a Lake Park with Boating Centre, a Water Amusement Park and a Golf Course.

Manasa Amusement & Water Park
Manasa Amusement & Water Park10.72 KMs away from Panambur Beach

A small water park featuring colorful slides, swimming pools & aquatic playgrounds.

Pilikula Biological Park
Pilikula Biological Park11.27 KMs away from Panambur Beach

A major zoo with an area of 150 acres. It houses a variety of animals in spacious enclosures and has botanical gardens and boating.

Mahathobara Shree Mangaladevi Temple
Mahathobara Shree Mangaladevi Temple12.50 KMs away from Panambur Beach

The city of Mangalore is named after the presiding deity, Mangaladevi. The temple is built in Kerala style architecture, with most of its structure made of wood.

Netravati Railway Bridge
Netravati Railway Bridge13.99 KMs away from Panambur Beach

Built across the river Netravati, it is 830 meters in length and connects Mangalore city with its southern suburbs.

Kanvatirtha Beach
Kanvatirtha Beach24.00 KMs away from Panambur Beach

Beach with a large natural pool spreading along its side.

Kaup Beach
Kaup Beach30.85 KMs away from Panambur Beach

Shooting location of many movies. THis beacch gives a panoramic view of the Arabian sea. The sea is a bit rougher here, be careful when you explore.

Kaup Light House
Kaup Light House30.91 KMs away from Panambur Beach

Built in 1901, this lighthouse has since warned thousands of sailors from the presence of dangerous rocks. It stands on a large rock, with a height of about 27 meters from its base.

Gomateshwara Statue
Gomateshwara Statue35.60 KMs away from Panambur Beach

42 feet high monolith statue of Bahubali situated in the Udupi city of Karnatakaon and a rough hillock called Bahubali Betta in Karkala. It is one of the five monoliths of Gomateshwara in Karnataka.

Sri Krishna Mutt, Udupi
Sri Krishna Mutt, Udupi43.49 KMs away from Panambur Beach

A famous Hindu temple dedicated to Krishna and Davita Mutt. The area is a holy place for daily devotion and living.

Ananthapura Lake Temple
Ananthapura Lake Temple45.46 KMs away from Panambur Beach

Ananthapura Lake Temple is the only lake temple in Kerala and it is believed to be the original seat of Ananthapadmanabha Swami (Lord Vishnu resting on the serpent King) of Padmanabhaswamy temple Thiruvananthapuram. The lake in which the temple is built measures around two acres in size. you can see a cave in the right corner of the lake and it's believed that the deity Anantha Padmanabha chose to go all the way to Thiruvananthapuram through that cave.

Malpe Beach
Malpe Beach46.87 KMs away from Panambur Beach

With a never-ending coastline and palm trees lining up on its shores. It is one of the most important fishing area of Karnataka.

St. Mary's Island
St. Mary's Island49.45 KMs away from Panambur Beach

Also known as coconut island, is a set of four small islands in the Arabian sea off the coast of Malpe. They are known for their distinctive geological formation of columnar basaltic lava.

Madhur Madhanantheshwara Temple
Madhur Madhanantheshwara Temple49.87 KMs away from Panambur Beach

Madhur Madhanantheshwara Temple, also known as Sree Madanantheswara Sidhivinayaka Temple or Madhur Temple rises against the beautiful landscape of the adjacent Madhuvahini river with coconut trees and paddy fields surrounding the temple premises. The temple has a unique architecture with its three-tiered dome, copper plated roofing and cloistered court.

Kudremukh Peak
Kudremukh Peak57.19 KMs away from Panambur Beach

The second highest peak in Karnataka. Kuduremukha literally means 'horse-face' (in Kannada) and refers to a particular picturesque view of a side of the mountain that resembles a horse's face.