Attractions to explore nearby Lago di Piediluco - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Lago di Piediluco

Lago di PiedilucoLago di Piediluco, 05100 Terni, Province of Terni, Italy

The Piediluco Lake is located in ' Central Italy: its shores lies the village of Piediluco, a hamlet of Terni. Located in the south-eastern offshoots of Umbria , with a branch that borders on Lazio , the Piediluco lake, even if it is 1.85 km², can be considered the largest natural lake basin in the region after Trasimeno. The name seems to be able to be interpreted as "at the foot of the sacred wood". Together with the Lungo , Ripasottile and Ventina lakes located in the province of Rieti.

Marmore Falls3.68 KMs away from Lago di Piediluco

Marmore Falls, a mass of water that falls from a height of about 165 meters, which is a mix of natural beauty, human intelligence and fairytales. This waterway is the tallest human-made waterfall in the world. It’s impressive stature is a 2,000-year-old testament to human engineering.

Cascata delle Marmore Belvedere Superiore3.70 KMs away from Lago di Piediluco

The Cascata Delle Marmore is a waterfall located about 7 km away from Terni, in Umbria, almost at the end of the Valnerina, the long valley carved by the Nera river. It is a controlled flow waterfall, one of the highest in Europe, being able to count on a total height difference of 165  m , divided into three jumps, inserted in a large natural park. The name derives from the calcium carbonate salts present on the rocks which are similar to white marble.

Nera River Park4.64 KMs away from Lago di Piediluco

The Nera is a 116-kilometer long river that flows almost entirely in Umbria, Italy. It is the largest tributary to the Tiber, its sources are in the Monti Sibillini east of Foligno. It flows southward past Terni and Narni. It joins the Tiber near Orte. Its largest tributaries are the Velino and the Corno.