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Isola delle Correnti

Isola delle Correnti, Italy


About Isola delle Correnti

The island of the Correnti is a small rounded island in Sicily, on the Ionian coast, located in the territory of the municipality of Portopalo, extended for about10 000  m² with a maximum height of4  m above sea ​​level.  It is connected to the mainland by an artificial arm, destroyed several times by the waves of the sea. When the low tide turns the island into a peninsula, it represents the southernmost tip of the Sicilian island, geographically further south of Tunis and further north of Hamm

Attractions near Isola delle Correnti

The Vendicari Wildlife Reserve is a protected natural area located within the free municipal consortium of Syracuse, precisely between Noto and Marzamemi. Particularly important for the presence of marshes that serve as a stopping place in the migration of birds. Provided by a law of the Sicilian Region of 1981, the reserve was officially established with the DA of March 14, 1984, and was effectively made available in 1989. It is managed by the Regional State Forestry Company.

Calamosche Beach20.04km from Isola delle Correnti

The Calamosche beach is located between the archaeological remains of Eloro and the ' wildlife oasis of Vendicari.  The charm of the beach is due to the variety of vegetation and the presence of an equally varied landscape: the small beach is in fact located between two rocky promontories which, in addition to ensuring that the sea is almost always calm, offer the visitor an unexpected beauty. Another feature of the beach is the presence of numerous ravines, caves, and caves in the two promontor

Noto Cathedral27.34km from Isola delle Correnti

The Cathedral of San Nicolò is the most important Catholic place of worship in the city of Noto, as well as the bishop's seat of the diocese of the same name, in Sicily. It is located on the top of a large staircase, on the north side of Piazza Municipio, and is dedicated to San Nicolò, bishop of Mira.  The interior, with three naves, houses numerous works of art, some of which come from Noto Antica, including the silver urn containing the mortal remains of St. Corrado Confalonieri.

Cathedral of San Giorgio37.19km from Isola delle Correnti

The Cathedral of San Giorgio is the mother church of the city of Modica, in the Free Municipal Consortium of Ragusa, and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.  It is often indicated and reported as a symbolic monument of Sicilian Baroque, of which it represents the most scenic and monumental architecture. The art historian Maurizio Fagiolo dell'Arco declared that this church "should perhaps be included among the seven wonders of the Baroque world".

Oriented Nature Reserve Cavagrande37.21km from Isola delle Correnti

The Cavagrande del Cassibile nature reserve is a protected natural area located in the municipalities of Avola, Noto, and Syracuse, in the province of Syracuse. The reserve was established in 1990, managed by the State Forests of the Sicilian Region; it is expected to be included in the Iblei National Park area, currently under development.  The huge reserve covers 2700 hectares of lush green mountains, caves and ponds in the towns of Noto, Syracuse and Avola and was established to preserve not

Castello Maniace49.32km from Isola delle Correnti

The Castello di Maniace  is a manor house built on the site of a former ancient monastery 1 km east of the centre of the small village of Maniace.  Originally, one could only enter the castle over a bridge spanning a moat. A feature of the castle is the decorated portal. Today the castle is open to the public and is a local tourist attraction in Syracuse.

Where is Isola delle Correnti

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Sicily is the biggest island in Italy and in the Mediterranean Sea, an amazing land rich in history and traditions, where art and culture intertwine with wonderful natural beauties. From the sea to the mountains and countryside, from the volcanos to the fishing villages, there are really many reasons why to visit Sicily. As Frederick II, King of Sicily, once said: “I don't envy God's paradise, because I'm well satisfied to live in Sicily”.