86 attractions you should visit in Sicily - With photos & details

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Top 86 attractions to explore in Sicily

Sicily is the biggest island in Italy and in the Mediterranean Sea, an amazing land rich in history and traditions, where art and culture intertwine with wonderful natural beauties. From the sea to the mountains and countryside, from the volcanos to the fishing villages, there are really many reasons why to visit Sicily. As Frederick II, King of Sicily, once said: “I don't envy God's paradise, because I'm well satisfied to live in Sicily”.

Aegadian IslandsAegadian Islands, Italy

The Egadi islands are an archipelago of Italy, in Sicily, between the lower Tyrrhenian and the Sicilian channel. Located about 7 km from the west coast of Sicily, between Trapani and Marsala, in the free municipal consortium of Trapani, the archipelago consists of three islands and two islets, plus a series of rocks and stacks. Known already in antiquity with the Latin name Aegates which comes from the Greek Aigatai, or " goat islands ", on the archipelago is the Egadi Islands Marine Nature Rese

AlcantaraAlcantara, Italy
Lake/ River/ Ponds

L ' Alcantara is a river of Sicily east along 53 kilometers, a tributary of the Ionian Sea. Its water basin extends for about 603 km² in the territory of the metropolitan cities of Messina and Catania and is protected by the Alcantara River Park Authority.  The Alcantara River Park was established in 2001 for the protection of the river, and to encourage its use as a relaxation area and tourist destination. The columns and surroundings can be seen in the segment "The Enchanted Doe" of the 2015 f

AlicudiAlicudi, Italy

Alicudi is an island of Italy belonging to the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands, in Sicily. Administratively it belongs to Lipari, an Italian municipality in the metropolitan city of Messina. The inhabitants of the island are called arcudari in Sicilian.  The beaches of the island are pebbly and rocky and the winter storms make them move back or forward, sometimes leaving a few strips of dark sand. The tour of the island is possible, but presents the risk of falling stones, moved by the wind o

BasiluzzoBasiluzzo, Italy

Basiluzzo is an island of Italy belonging to the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands, in Sicily.  Located about 3.5 km north-east of Panarea, it has an area of ​​0.3 km²: it is, therefore, the largest of the uninhabited islands and rocks of the Aeolian Islands. The coasts of the island are characterized by cliffs overlooking the sea, while in the center there is a large sloping plateau which over the centuries has been used as a site for crops, pastures, and seasonal homes.

Cala Rossa91010 Cala Rossa TP, Italy
Outdoors- Other

The bay of Cala Rossa is a high place for luxury tourism with an offer of upscale goods and the Grand Hotel Cala Rossa for lovers of starry cuisine at the water’s edge. It was one of the beautiful rocky coves which attracts a lot of tourists and also you can spend some nice time here.

Calamosche BeachSpiaggia di Calamosche, Contrada Vendicari, 96017 Noto SR, Italy

The Calamosche beach is located between the archaeological remains of Eloro and the ' wildlife oasis of Vendicari.  The charm of the beach is due to the variety of vegetation and the presence of an equally varied landscape: the small beach is in fact located between two rocky promontories which, in addition to ensuring that the sea is almost always calm, offer the visitor an unexpected beauty. Another feature of the beach is the presence of numerous ravines, caves, and caves in the two promontor

Capo Gallo Reserve90151 Palermo, PA, Italy
Outdoors- Other

The Capo Gallo nature reserve is a protected natural area located in the municipality of Palermo and was established by the Sicilian Region in 2001 . It is included in the Regional Plan of Parks and Reserves and is managed by the State Forests of the Sicilian Region, which has carried out numerous interventions aimed at recreating the original environmental conditions of the territory and making it accessible to the public.

Cappella PalatinaPiazza del Parlamento, 1, 90134 Palermo PA, Italy

The Palatine Chapel is the royal chapel of the Norman palace in Palermo, Sicily. This building is a mixture of Byzantine, Norman, and Fatimid architectural styles, showing the tricultural state of Sicily during the 12th century after Roger II's father and uncle conquered the island.  Also referred to as a Palace church or Palace chapel, it was commissioned by Roger II of Sicily in 1132 to be built upon an older chapel constructed around 1080.

Castello della ZisaPiazza Zisa, 90135 Palermo PA, Italy
Iconic Buildings
Notable Architectures

Zisa Castle was built in the 12th century by Arab craftsmen as a summer retreat for King William I of Sicily. It's now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with handsome windows overlooking the gardens. The Zisa is clearly inspired by Moorish architecture. The name Zisa itself derives from the Arab term al-Azīz, meaning "dear" or "splendid". The same word, in Naskh script, is impressed in the entrance, according to the usual habit for the main Islamic edifices of the time.

Castello ManiaceVia Castello Maniace, 51, 96100 Siracusa SR, Italy
Iconic Buildings
Notable Architectures

The Castello di Maniace  is a manor house built on the site of a former ancient monastery 1 km east of the centre of the small village of Maniace.  Originally, one could only enter the castle over a bridge spanning a moat. A feature of the castle is the decorated portal. Today the castle is open to the public and is a local tourist attraction in Syracuse.

Castello UrsinoPiazza Federico di Svevia, 95121 Catania CT, Italy
Iconic Buildings
Notable Architectures

The Ursino Castle in Catania was built by Frederick II of Swabia in the XIII century. The manor had certain visibility during the Sicilian Vespers, as the seat of the parliament and, later, the residence of the Aragonese kings including Frederick III. Today it houses the Civic Museum of the Etnean city, formed mainly by the Biscari and Benedictine collections.

Catacombe dei CappucciniPiazza Cappuccini, 1, 90129 Palermo PA, Italy
Old Ruins

The Catacombe dei Cappuccini is a complex of tunnels and shrines in Palermo, Sicily that is decorated entirely with mummified corpses.  Today they provide a somewhat macabre tourist attraction as well as an extraordinary historical record. The catacombs contain about 8000 corpses and 1252 mummies that line the walls. It will be a unique experience visiting this place.

Cathedral of Saint AgathaPiazza del Duomo, 95100 Catania CT, Italy

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Sant'Agata is the main place of Catholic worship in Catania, the mother church of the homonymous metropolitan archdiocese and the seat of the parish of the same name. The cathedral is dedicated to the virgin and martyr Sant'Agata, patroness of the city of Catania, and is located in the historic center of the city in the south-east side of Piazza del Duomo, in the Duomo district of Catania or Terme Achilliane - Piano di San Filippo.

Cathedral of San GiorgioCorso S. Giorgio, 97015 Modica RG, Italy

The Cathedral of San Giorgio is the mother church of the city of Modica, in the Free Municipal Consortium of Ragusa, and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.  It is often indicated and reported as a symbolic monument of Sicilian Baroque, of which it represents the most scenic and monumental architecture. The art historian Maurizio Fagiolo dell'Arco declared that this church "should perhaps be included among the seven wonders of the Baroque world".

Cathedral of SyracusePiazza Duomo, 5, 96100 Siracusa SR, Italy

The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary stands on the highest part of the ' island of Ortigia, incorporating what was the main temple sacred in style Doric of the polis of Syrakousai, dedicated to Athena and converted into a church with the advent of Christianity.  Considered the most important church in the city of Syracuse, it has become part of the heritage protected by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Cattedrale di MonrealePiazza Guglielmo II, 1, 90046 Monreale PA, Italy

The cathedral of Santa Maria Nuova is the main place of Catholic worship in Monreale, in the metropolitan city of Palermo, the archbishopric of the archdiocese of the same name.  Built starting from 1174 at the behest of William II of Altavilla, king of Sicily from 1166 to 1189, it is famous for the rich Byzantine mosaics that decorate the interior. In August 1926, Pope Pius XI elevated it to the dignity of a minor basilica.

Cattedrale di PalermoVia Vittorio Emanuele, 90134 Palermo PA, Italy

The Primatial Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Virgin Mary of the Assumption , known simply as the Cathedral Church of Palermo , is the main place of Catholic worship in the city of Palermo and the archbishopric of the homonymous metropolitan archdiocese. A feast of geometric patterns, ziggurat crenellations, maiolica cupolas and blind arches, Palermo's cathedral has suffered aesthetically from multiple reworkings over the centuries, but remains a prime example of Sicily's unique Ara

Cefalù CathedralPiazza del Duomo, 90015 Cefalù PA, Italy

Cefalù's cathedral is one of the jewels in Sicily's Arab-Norman crown, only equalled in magnificence by the Cattedrale di Monreale and Palermo's Cappella Palatina. Filling the central apse, a towering figure of Cristo Pantocratore (Christ All Powerful) is the focal point of the elaborate Byzantine mosaics – Sicily's oldest and best preserved, predating those of Monreale by 20 or 30 years.

Chiosco Bellini-Villa BelliniVia Etnea, 292, 95131 Catania CT, Italy
Botanical Gardens

The Bellini garden (or Villa Bellini ) is one of the two oldest gardens and one of the four main parks in Catania . Locally it is often referred to simply as "'a Villa".  The oldest nucleus of the garden dates back to the eighteenth century and belonged to Prince Ignazio Paternò Castello di Biscari.  The garden was entrusted to skilled gardeners, among whom the first was Pietro Paolo Arcidiacono and later Giuseppe Squillaci.

Church of San CataldoPiazza Bellini, 1, 90133 Palermo PA, Italy

The cathedral of San Cataldo is a church of Taranto, precisely the oldest cathedral in Puglia , initially dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene then to St. Cataldo bishop. The proposal to recognize in the succorpo the remains of the early Christian church dedicated to Santa Maria dates back to the Fago, whose existence in the seventh century was confirmed by a letter from Pope Gregory.  It was built by the Byzantines in the second half of the 10th century, during the reconstruction of the city commiss

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