Attractions to explore nearby Valle della Luna - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Valle della Luna

Valle della Luna07028 Santa Teresa Gallura, Province of Sassari, Italy

Cala Grande is a small valley, about 500 m long, located in the western area of ​​the Capo Testa promontory, in the municipality of Santa Teresa Gallura, in Sardinia. "Valley of the Moon" is the name given to this place around the '60s by a hippy community.  It is characterized by the presence on both sides of the valley of granite rocks with unusual shapes which, although not unlike those present in the rest of the promontory, here form a straight valley that runs down to the sea.

Capo Testa1.11 KMs away from Valle della Luna

Capo Testa is a small peninsula located in the north of Sardinia, a few kilometers from Santa Teresa di Gallura.  It overlooks the Bocche di Bonifacio and is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, along which two beaches extend. The promontory is made up of the typical Gallura granite rocks eroded by the wind and has a perimeter of about ten kilometers. On the promontory of Capo Testa, there is a lighthouse of fundamental importance for navigation in the stretch of sea of ​​the Bocche di