îles Cerbicale in Corsica, France - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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îles Cerbicale

îles Cerbicale, Porto-Vecchio, France


About îles Cerbicale

The Cerbicale Islands constitute a small archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea located in Corse-du-Sud, in the town of Porto-Vecchio, off the Punta Cerbicale. Since 1999, they have belonged to the Bouches de Bonifacio Reserve, which is the largest reserve in mainland France. To preserve the richness of the avian and underwater fauna, the Cerbicale Islands were set up as a nature reserve in 1981.

Attractions near îles Cerbicale

Palombaggia3.02km from îles Cerbicale

Palombaggia is a locality located in the town of Porto-Vecchio in Corse-du-Sud between the hamlets of Picovaggia and Bocca dell'Oro. Its white sand beaches framed by red rocks, bordered by umbrella pines , facing the Cerbicale Islands , are considered to be among the most beautiful in Corsica .

Plage de Balistra16.89km from îles Cerbicale

The Balistra pond is a lagoon in Corse-du-Sud located north-east of Bonifacio, extending over 99 hectares. This pond is located north of the Gulf of Santa Manza , at the mouth of the Francolu stream. It is home to many species of birds such as great cormorants, diving ducks and great crested grebes. The pond is located in a wild area covered with scrub where one can observe the Hermann's tortoise and so more.

Cascade de Piscia di Ghjaddu18.75km from îles Cerbicale

The Piscia di Gallo waterfall is located on the borders of Freto and Alta Rocca, at the bottom of the Oso valley, in the town of San- Gavino-di-Carbini, in Corsica. The waterfall is located in the Ospedale massif. The stream of Petra Piana, mother branch of Oso, reinforced by the stream of Palavesani from the Ospedale dam lake, crosses rocky chaos for 300 m after this confluence then falls 80 m along a rock wall. One of the nice location where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and it is also a

Golf de Spérone23.46km from îles Cerbicale

The Sperone golf course is an 80-hectare golf course located in the town of Bonifacio, in the territorial community of Corsica. It was created in the early 1960s by Jacques Dewez, a former fighter pilot passionate about motorsport, recycled in real estate.  An archaeological site of 4 hectares, including a vast Roman villa and a dry dock, is present not far from the golf course.

Lighthouse Pertusato25.16km from îles Cerbicale

A famous majestic lighthouse with a size of 16.5 m, masonry stone walls, overlooking a rectangular-shaped building overlooking the sea to a height of 99.50 m. Phare de Pertusato is automated, not guarded, and not open to visitors. Walk along the cliffs of Bonifacio to the Pertusato lighthouse offers really stunning views back towards the town and out over the Straits towards Sardinia.

Capo Pertusato25.48km from îles Cerbicale

The Cap de Pertusato is the southernmost point of Corsica. It is a high limestone plateau with an area of ​​6010 ha, with a maximum altitude of 95 meters and a minimum of –50 meters.  Among the peculiarities on the cliffs, we will notice the lapiazs  : limestone surfaces dug with grooves and channels a few centimeters wide and separated by limestone blades. One of the natural locations where you can see the nature's wonder.

Where is îles Cerbicale

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Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and politically one of the 18 regions of France. The island's climate, mountains, and coastlines make it popular among tourists.