Fortezza del Priamar in Liguria, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Fortezza del Priamar

Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 17100 Savona SV, Italy


About Fortezza del Priamar

The Priamar di Savona fortress is an imposing military complex that dominates the city center at the port. Built between 1542 and 1544 by the Genoese as part of the interventions aimed at the definitive subjugation of the city of Savona by the "Superba", and extended several times, it takes its name from the hill immediately overlooking the sea on which it stands, where the finds of the first inhabited settlements date back to the Bronze Age.

Attractions near Fortezza del Priamar

Bergeggi8.44km from Fortezza del Priamar

Bergeggi is an Italian town of 1 078 inhabitants in the province of Savona in Liguria. The historic village of Bergeggi is located near the coast of the Riviera delle Palme , at about 110 m above sea level, on the slopes of Mount Sant'Elena (347 m asl) where paths allow you to descend towards the promenade and then the coast.

Monte Beigua15.24km from Fortezza del Priamar

The Mount Beigua is a mountainous relief of ' Ligurian Apennines top 1287 m above sea level, which is located on the Ligurian-Po watershed. It is the highest peak of the so-called " Beigua group ", which includes the nearby Monte Grosso and Monte Avzè.  The summit is located on the border between the municipal territory of Varazze and that of Sassello. It is part of the Beigua - Beigua Geopark Regional Natural Park.

Parco naturale regionale del Beigua15.63km from Fortezza del Priamar

The Beigua Regional Natural Park is a protected natural area in Liguria in an area that extends between the metropolitan city of Genoa and the province of Savona and includes Mount Beigua. The park, together with that of the Capanne di Marcarolo for the Genoese area is the correspondent of the La Mandria natural park for the Turin area, and the South Milan agricultural park for the Milanese one, that is, all metropolitan natural reserves of the "belt".

Grotte di Borgio Verezzi21.31km from Fortezza del Priamar

The caves of Borgio Verezzi - also known as Valdemino caves - are a complex cavity karst relevant tourist located in Borgio Verezzi, in the province of Savona.  The cave complex is managed directly by the Municipality of Borgio Verezzi.  They are a classic example of a karst phenomenon, whose structure has been generated over time by the slow erosion of water through the rock.

Alta Via dei Monti Liguri22.57km from Fortezza del Priamar

The Alta Via dei Monti Liguri is an excursion itinerary about 440 km long that develops on the watershed delimiting the Ligurian coast.  It was officially born in 1983 from a joint project of the Unioncamere Liguri Study Center, the Italian Alpine Club, and the Italian Hiking Federation. The Alta Via is protected by the regional law of 25 January 1993, n. 5 which has entrusted its management to a specially formed association of the same name.

Passo del Faiallo22.73km from Fortezza del Priamar

The Faiallo pass is a pass of the Ligurian Apennines.  The hill is located at an altitude of 1,044 m asl along with the provincial road SP 73 which connects the Turchino pass with San Pietro d'Olba, crossing the upper valley of the Orba stream and much of the municipal area of Urbe, in the province of Savona, where it takes the name of provincial road SP 40.

Where is Fortezza del Priamar

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