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Porto Canale Leonardesco - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Viale Cecchini, 34, 47042 Cesenatico FC, Italy

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About Porto Canale Leonardesco

The Leonardesco Canal Port of Cesenatico is one of the most important monuments of the city. The port - canalof Cesenatico was excavated in the early years of the century. XIV from the medieval Municipality of Cesena, which also endowed it with a small fortress for its defense. It has always been the backbone of the historic city center and bathes via Carlo Armellini, Giordano Bruno, Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi and via Marino Moretti.

Attractions Near Porto Canale Leonardesco

Italia in miniatura
Italia in miniatura15.3km from Porto Canale Leonardesco

Italy in Miniature is a miniature park dell ' Emilia-Romagna, founded in 1970 by Ivo Rambaldi. Now owned by Costa Edutainment Spa which also includes Acquafan and Oltremare di Riccione among its properties. It is located in the municipality of Rimini, in the Viserbella district. The central area of ​​the park hosts over 270 scale reproductions of Italian monuments, churches, palaces, and squares and is immersed in a natural scale landscape made up of five thousand real miniature trees.

Safari Ravenna
Safari Ravenna17.48km from Porto Canale Leonardesco

The Ravenna Safari is a safari park in the Savio district of the city of Ravenna in Emilia-Romagna which was owned by the company ALFA 3000. This park allows you to see more than 700 animals of over 100 different species including wild animals up close and without barriers, as you could never do in a normal bio-park.

Marecchia18.62km from Porto Canale Leonardesco

The Marecchia is a river of ' Northern Italy and gives its name to' namesake valley. The Marecchia is the ancient Ariminus which gave its name to Rimini. To date, its short stretch of plain and its mouth are conventionally used to mark the end of the Po Valley and the whole of northern Italy. The river originates in the municipality of Badia Tedalda in Tuscany from Alpe Della Luna, near the locality of Pratieghi on the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines.

iSpeed18.71km from Porto Canale Leonardesco

iSpeed is a roller coaster type Launched coaster, located in the amusement park Mirabilandia in Ravenna. It replaced the Sierra Tonante wooden roller coaster in 2009 and was inaugurated on June 20 of that year in the presence of an exceptional guest: the 250 class motorcycling champion Marco Simoncelli. It is the fastest rollercoaster in Italy. It reaches 120 kilometers per hour of speed. It has a total of 2 reversals.

Mirabilandia18.72km from Porto Canale Leonardesco

A beautiful theme park which was located in the Savio, a frazione of Ravenna. It was one of the biggest park in Italy. It has an area of 30 hectares, with an additional waterworld area of 10 hectares, called Mirabilandia Beach. The most notable attractions are the Katun inverted roller coaster and the iSpeed launched coaster. It has the world's tallest Watercoaster, the "Divertical" with a height of 60 m.

Mirabeach18.73km from Porto Canale Leonardesco

Mirabeach, known as Mirabilandia Beach until 2011, is an aquatic park, a section of the largest Italian theme park Mirabilandia, near Ravenna, within which it is located. Built-in 2003, resulting in a significant extension of Mirabilandia to the north-west, it covers an area of 100,000 m² and consists of beaches, swimming pools, waterslides, green spaces, bars, restaurants, and shops, resembling a paradise island tropical, comparable to a beach in the Red Sea, the Caribbean, the Hawaii or Polyne

Where is Porto Canale Leonardesco

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