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Attractions to explore near Lad Khan Temple

Lad Khan Temple
Lad Khan TempleAihole, Karnataka 587124, India

One of the oldest Hindu temples built in 5th century by the Kings of Chalukya Dynasty . Historical place which shows the architectural wonder of Karnataka

Nearby Attractions

Durga Temple Aihole
Durga Temple Aihole0.11 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

Medieval Hindu Temple which was Part of a pending UNESCO world heritage site . Famous as a rare apsidal or round ended Hindu temple

Meguti Jain Temple
Meguti Jain Temple0.42 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

This Chalukyan structured temple is situated inside the fortified walls of Aihole fort on a hillock. It was constructed by the great Poet, Scholar and General Ravikeerth in 634 AD with sandstones having fine grains. There are poetry inscriptions on the walls of the temple. But the bad thing was this beautiful temple appears to be incomplete till now.

Group of Monuments at Pattadakal, UNESCO World Heritage Site

World Heritage site which is being a specimen of the great Chalukya architecture and also it was an exhibition of Dravidian as well as Indo Aryan style of architecture

Badami Cave Temples
Badami Cave Temples23.35 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

Considered as an example of Indian rock cut architecture .Calm and quiet place where we can explore and study about the ancient wonders of 6th centuries.

Agasthya Lake
Agasthya Lake23.60 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

A beautiful lake in the middle of Badami heritage site which has a lot of myths and history to say. This lake has an enormous stretch of water resource that has a natural stretch of origin which is a centripetal force for Badami

Badami Fort
Badami Fort23.83 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

A regal structure located on the top of a hill that was built by Chalukyan King Pulakeshi in 543 AD , viewpoint, Trekking centre, etc.

Jambulinga Temple
Jambulinga Temple23.99 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

Constructed in Nagara style with sanctum and a small mandapa surrounded by a greenish garden with a quiet calm atmosphere

Almatti Dam
Almatti Dam34.60 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

Almatti dam is a hydroelectric project on the Krishna River. The 290 Mw power station is also situated beside the dam.

Mudgal Fort
Mudgal Fort59.31 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

Mudgal fort is an ancient fort located in the Raichur district. The place is well known for its historical heritage and communal harmony and so many historical inscriptions.

Mahadeva Historical temple
Mahadeva Historical temple64.61 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

Architectural wonder, Historical place and a main pilgrimage tourist center in Karnataka. Home » Gadag » Mahadeva Temple Mahadeva Temple AUGUST 1, 2011 BY RAGGI MUDDE District: Koppal Town: Itagi Temple: Mahadeva Temple Mahadeva Temple mahadeva-temple-itagi The Mahadeva Temple was built along the plans of the Amruteshwara Temple constructed at Annigeri. The temple’s carvings, sculptures, pillars and tower stand proof to the immense talent of Chalukyan artists.

Brahma Jinalaya (Basadi)
Brahma Jinalaya (Basadi)72.35 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

A Jain Temple in Lakkundi has an idol of Lord Mahavira seated on a lion throne. The temple is popularly known as the Brahma Jinalaya. It is believed to have been constructed by Attimabbe, wife of Nagadeva, the Chieftain of Chalukya King Ahavamalla.

Shivgiri Temple
Shivgiri Temple89.68 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

There is an 85 feet tall Shiva statue.this is a growing pilgrimage location. 1500 tonnes statue of Lord Shiva is considered as the second largest one in India.

Hire Benkal
Hire Benkal90.17 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

one of the largest prehistoric megalithic settlements in India Protected bu the Archaeological survey of India.

Fort Bijapur
Fort Bijapur91.39 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

Historical fort located in the heart of Bijapur. This fort was built by the founder of the Adil Shahi Dynasty.

Gol Gumbaz
Gol Gumbaz91.42 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

Gol Gumbaz is a mausoleum of the king Muhammed Adhil Shah. the name is based on gola gummata derived from gol gommbadh meaning circular dome. This follows the style of Indo Islamic architecture.

Bara Kaman
Bara Kaman91.77 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

Bara kaman is an incomplete catacomb of Ali Adilshah 2 .He needed to manufacture a sepulchur of unmatched engineering quality. That we can experience while seeing this.

Sanapur Lake
Sanapur Lake94.60 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

Formed by an irrigation reservoir, Senapur Lake is surrounded by boulder hills. The road to the lake is through numerous paddy fields and banana plantations where you can also see locals herd their livestocks. The lake has a cliff jumping point and coracle ride spot.

Anjanadri Hill Temple
Anjanadri Hill Temple97.16 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

It is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. The temple sits on a hill, you need to climb over 500 steps to reach it. The view of the old ruins of Hampi along with the paddy fields around the hill is a magnificent sight.

Magadi Bird Sanctuary
Magadi Bird Sanctuary97.33 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

Famous for bar headed goose. Migratory birds from Central Asia have been Famous for bar-headed goose. Migratory birds from Central Asia have been frequenting this place for over 10 years now. this place for over 10 years now.

Tungabhadra Dam
Tungabhadra Dam97.73 KMs away from Lad Khan Temple

A multipurpose dam serving irrigation, electricity generation, flood control etc , constructed across the Thungabadhra river which had been inaugurated at 1953