Museo Archelogico di Monasterace in Calabria, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Museo Archelogico di Monasterace

C.da Runci s.n.c, 89040 Monasterace RC, Italy


About Museo Archelogico di Monasterace

The Archaeological Museum of Monasterace or Archaeological Museum of Ancient Kaulon or MAK is the museum built around the "Paolo Orsi" archaeological park, which preserves the remains of the ancient Magna Graecia city of Kaulon . Since December 2014, the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities has been managing it through the Calabria Museum Complex, which in December 2019 became the Regional Museum Directorate.

Attractions near Museo Archelogico di Monasterace

Stilaro4.65km from Museo Archelogico di Monasterace

The Stilaro is an important Fiumara calabrese, which gives its name to the entire valley in which flows: the valley Stilaro. Known in antiquity as Elleporo, and as Kàstron in the Byzantine period and in the Norman period also Stillitanus.  Along the river there are three fish farms. Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries several dams and small hydroelectric plants were built for the exploitation of hydroelectric energy.

Cattolica di Stilo10.16km from Museo Archelogico di Monasterace

The Cattolica di Stilo is a small square Byzantine church with a central plan, built with brick masonry, whose roof is made up of five very characteristic domes; it is located at the foot of Mount Consolino in Stilo , in the province of Reggio Calabria and is one of the most important museums and Byzantine sites among those in Calabria.

Cascata del Marmarico16.86km from Museo Archelogico di Monasterace

The Marmàrico waterfall is the highest waterfall in Calabria and the southern Apennines, 114 meters high, located in the territory of the municipality of Bivongi, in high course of the Stilaro river, in the Folea valley. Inserted from 6 September 2011 among the " Italian wonders " of the homonymous project, born on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, of a tourist-cultural nature national Youth Forum.

Natural regional park of Serre25.89km from Museo Archelogico di Monasterace

The Serre Regional Natural Park is a protected natural area of ​​the Calabria region, established in 2004. Located between Aspromonte and Sila, it is crossed by two long mountain ranges, large forests, among them the Stilo forest and rivers with waterfalls such as Marmarico, in the city of Bivongi, and the waterfall by Pietra Cupa, at the Fiumara Assi de Guardavalle.

Monte Consolino32.27km from Museo Archelogico di Monasterace

The mountain Consoles is a mountain of Calabria southwestern, part of the chain of the Serre, which rises in the valley Stilaro. At its foot lies the municipality of Stilo, downstream between Consolino and Mount Stella there is the municipality of Pazzano, and finally the municipality of Bivongi near the Stilaro stream. One of the nice trekking destination and also a good viewpoint.

Spiaggia Caminia33.27km from Museo Archelogico di Monasterace

The long beach is located between two cliffs. The right cliff, that of Torrazzo, is a rocky wall full of cavities. Here swallows, sea birds and the peregrine falcon find shelter. The vegetation is mainly composed of herbs, prickly pears, carnations from the cliffs, mastic trees, olive trees and euphorbias. The left cliff is occupied by villas and houses that slope towards the sea and continue towards the Pietragrande side.

Where is Museo Archelogico di Monasterace

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Calabria attracts year-round tourism, offering both summer and winter activities, in addition to its cultural, historical, artistic heritage, it has an abundance of protected natural habitats and 'green' zones. The 485 miles of its coast make Calabria a tourist destination during the summer. The low industrial development and the lack of major cities in much of its territory have allowed the maintenance of indigenous marine life.