Attractions to explore nearby Castello del Malconsiglio - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Castello del Malconsiglio

Castello del MalconsiglioPiazza Castello, 75010 Miglionico MT, Italy

The Malconsiglio castle is the castle of Miglionico ( Matera ), built on a hill in the city starting from the VIII - IX century , in a strategic position, known for having hosted the conspiracy of the barons in 1485 . It had two successive extensions, the first in 1110 and the second in 1400 . It has the shape of a parallelogram , flanked by seven towers , some squares (the oldest), two towers and others circular, placed at the top of the building.

Lago di San Giuliano5.09 KMs away from Castello del Malconsiglio

One of the beautiful lakes in the Basilicata region which offers so many activities in and around the lake. The lake is located entirely within the province of Matera. It is southwest of Matera, east of Grottole, and north of Miglionico. The Bradano flows into the lake from the northwest and flows out of the lake to the southeast.