Attractions to explore nearby Valpelline - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Valpelline

Valpelline11010 Valpelline, Aosta Valley, Italy

The Valpelline is a side valley of Valle d'Aosta. It takes its name from one of the towns in the valley: Valpelline.  It branches off from the Gran San Bernardo Valley at Gignod and climbs up to Colle Collon which separates it from Valais. It is located at the foot of the Grand Combin mountain, although the summit of the latter is entirely in Switzerland because the borderline passes south of the mountain.

Valle del Gran San Bernardo4.63 KMs away from Valpelline

The Gran San Bernardo Valley is a side valley of the Aosta Valley. It takes its name from the Gran San Bernardo hill, where the valley ends. The Gran San Bernardo Valley detaches from the central valley of the Dora Baltea at the height of Aosta and climbs up to the Gran San Bernardo hill which separates it from the Valais. The Valpelline branches off from the Gran San Bernardo Valley at Gignod.  Over the centuries the valley has been a great communication route with the nearby Valais.

Sant'Orso9.60 KMs away from Valpelline

Santorso is an Italian town of 5 660 inhabitants in the province of Vicenza in Veneto. Located at the foot of Mount Summano in a sunny position, it is 4 km from Piovene Rocchette and 4 km from Schio. It was entirely rebuilt during the 9th century, during the Carolingian age. Later, bishop Anselm of Aosta further renovated the church, introducing a basilica plan with three naves with wooden trusses. These were replaced by Gothic cross vaults in the 15th century.

Arch of Augustus9.62 KMs away from Valpelline

The Arch of Augustus of Rimini is the oldest existing Roman arch. Built-in 28 BC, it was dedicated by the Roman Senate to the emperor Augustus. It marked the end of the Via Flaminia that connected the Romagna city to the capital of the empire, then merging into today's Corso d'Augusto, the decumano massimo, which led to the entrance to another road, the Via Emilia.

Porta Pretoria9.76 KMs away from Valpelline

The Porta Pretoria is the eastern gateway to the Roman city of Augusta Prætoria Salassorum. Built-in 25 BC, it is still in an excellent state of conservation and is made up of two series of arches - one major central and two minor lateral ones - which enclose a parade ground. On both arches the walkways of the sentries are visible. It had three openings, which are still visible today: the central one for carriages and the side openings for pedestrians.