Lake Place-Moulin in Aosta, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Lake Place-Moulin

Lake Place-Moulin, 11010 Bionaz, Aosta Valley, Italy

Lake/ River/ Ponds

About Lake Place-Moulin

The Lake Place-Moulin is located in the municipality of Bionaz in the Valpelline, side valley of Valle d'Aosta at a height of 1968 m above sea level.  It is an artificial lake formed by the waters of the Buthier stream, a stream that cuts through the entire Valpelline. It is one of the largest lakes in the Aosta Valley, together with Lake Beauregard in Valgrisenche, and measures about 4 km in length.  The dam, one of the largest barrages in Europe, was built between 1955 and 1965.

Attractions near Lake Place-Moulin

Lac Bleu10.03km from Lake Place-Moulin

The Blue Lake or Lake Layet is a lake with origins in the dam which is located just below Breuil-Cervinia in the Aosta Valley. Not far away is the bobsleigh track of Lago Blu, which from 1963 to 1991 hosted numerous international bobsleigh competitions.  The lake can be reached by car or on foot from Cervinia in 5 and 20 minutes respectively. The real name is Lago Layet, but it is called Blue because some algae reflect these shades of color at the bottom of the lake.

Pigne d'Arolla10.79km from Lake Place-Moulin

Pigne d'Arolla is a mountain in the Pennine Alps in Switzerland. The first ascent was made by A. W. Moore and Horace Walker with the guide Jakob Anderegg on 9 July 1865. It is commonly climbed as part of the Haute Route. It is an excellent ski mountain, that is often climbed on the famous Haute Route that leads from Saas-Fee - Zermatt to Chamonix.

Lago di Lod11.61km from Lake Place-Moulin

The lake is located under Mount Charvaz, at 2019 meters above sea level, and can be reached by chairlift from Chamois, when it is open.  From here you can see all the peaks that surround the town, ranging from Cima Longhede to the Château des Dames. On the shores of the lake there is a picnic area equipped with tables, barbecues, and fountains.

Dent d'Hérens11.76km from Lake Place-Moulin

The Dent d'Hérens is a mountain of the Pennine Alps, located west of the Matterhorn, along the border between the ' Italy and Switzerland.  The watershed between Valtournenche and Valpelline begins on the Italian side from the top of the mountain. On the Swiss side, the mountain dominates the Zmutt Glacier.

Plan Maison13.42km from Lake Place-Moulin

Plan Maison is a mountain resort in the municipality of Valtournenche in the Aosta Valley , at an altitude of 2,561 m asl . It is located in the valley Breuil within the ski area Matterhorn Ski Paradise and from there you can start to climb the Matterhorn along the Italian normal route. There are numerous slopes that descend to Breuil-Cervinia: once there were 1 and 2, two black slopes. Today these two tracks are no longer used and are not even marked on the maps. Now, skiers can use slopes 3 an

Colle superiore delle Cime Bianche14.87km from Lake Place-Moulin

The upper Colle Delle Cime Bianche is an alpine pass located at 2,980.6 m. slm ., which joins the Valtournenche with the Val d'Ayas in the Valle d'Aosta region.  The Colle was of historical importance for the commercial exchanges that took place between the Aosta Valley and the Valais Canton. It is debated whether the Walser in the 13th century arrived in the Lys valley via the Colle del Lys or via the longer but easier road of the Colle del Teodulo, Colle Superiore Delle Cime Bianche, and Colle

Where is Lake Place-Moulin

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The Aosta Valley is a mountainous autonomous region in northwestern Italy. It is bordered by Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France, to the west, Valais, Switzerland, to the north, and by Piedmont, Italy, to the south and east. The regional capital is Aosta.