Attractions to explore nearby Rocciamelone - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Rocciamelone

RocciameloneRocciamelone, 10070 Usseglio, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

The Rocciamelone is a mountain of Graian of Rocciamelone-Charbonnel chain, high 3,538 m above sea level, located in Piedmont, on the border between Valle di Susa and Viù Valley, on whose summit the municipalities of Mompantero, Novalesa, and Usseglio converge.  One of the nice trekking destination and also a view point in this area.

Lago di Malciaussia5.02 KMs away from Rocciamelone

The Malciaussia lake is an artificial lake located in the Valli di Lanzo , more precisely in the valley of Viù , in the hamlet Malciaussia the town of Usseglio to 1,805 m above sea level. The lake is located at 1805 m asl in the hamlet of Malciaussia and is about nine kilometers from the municipality of Usseglio . It is located at the end of the provincial road 32 after the hamlet of Margone.