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Top 80 attractions to explore in Piedmont

Piedmont is a region in northwest Italy, one of the 20 regions of the country. It borders the Liguria region to the south, the Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna regions to the east, and the Aosta Valley region to the northwest; it also borders Switzerland to the northeast and France to the west. It has an area of 25,402 km2 making it the second-largest region of Italy after Sicily and a population of 4,322,805 as of 30 June 2020. The capital of Piedmont is Turin.

Basilica of SupergaStrada Basilica di Superga, 73, 10132 Torino TO, Italy

The Basilica of Superga, also known as the Real basilica of Superga, stands on the homonymous hill north-east of Turin. It was built by King Vittorio Amedeo II as a thank you to the Virgin Mary, after defeating the French. For this reason, it is considered a "celebratory monument". It seems that the name of Superga has distant Lombard origins and that it comes from a woman named "Saroperga", owner of the site's woods. Another supposition is a name of Germanic origin

Cascata del ToceLocalità Frua, 28863 Formazza VB, Italy

The Toce waterfall or La Frua is a waterfall located in the municipality of Formazza in the hamlet of Frua at an altitude of 1675 m asl; with it the Toce river makes a 143 m high jump on a 200 m rocky reclining, with a 60 m water flake at the base. It is considered one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Alps, although human intervention has reduced its flow for much of the year. The waterfall is open only for short time slots between June and September, fully recovering its natural confor

Castelli di CanneroCastelli di Cannero, 28822 Cannobio, Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy
Iconic Buildings

Castelli di Cannero are three rocky islets of Lake Maggiore in northern Italy. It appears to majestically rise from the lake’s waters, giving the impression of floating. Positioned close to the shore of the Cannero Riviera, these fascinating ruins were once part of the Rocca Vitaliana, a fortress built to defend the land from Swiss invasions. All that remains of the castle on the western islet is a ruined tower and some crumbling parts of the wall.

Castello Di RivoliPiazza, Piazzale Mafalda di Savoia, 10098 Rivoli TO, Italy

The Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art housed in a building of historical interest located, a Unesco World Heritage Site in Rivoli, about 15 km west of Turin, in Piedmont. It was the former Residence of the Royal House of Savoy in Rivoli. which was built in the 9th–10th centuries.

Castle of AglièPiazza Castello, 2, 10011 Agliè TO, Italy
Iconic Buildings
Notable Architectures

The castle of Agliè is one of the Residences of the royal house of Savoy declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997. 1 It has the code 823-019 and is located in Piazza Castello, 2 in Agliè. This ducal castle of Agliè is an elegant and imposing construction. The construction of the central nucleus, of which the traces are still identifiable today, began in the 12th century on behalf of the San Martino family, originally from Canavese.

Castle of Grinzane CavourChiusi dal 7 Gennaio al 7 Febbraio 2020, Via Castello, 5, 12060 Grinzane Cavour CN, Italy
Iconic Buildings
Notable Architectures

The castle in Grinzane Cavour is one of the best examples of the medieval architecture in the Langhe. Its present shape is the result of a complete restoring made in 1961, that has reshaped it in its original features after the many reworkings. dramatic hilltop perch and imposing watchtowers make this 13th-century fortress one of the most remarkable sights in the UNESCO-listed Le Langhe-Roero countryside.

Cathedral of Saint John the BaptistPiazza San Giovanni, 10122 Torino TO, Italy

A majestic Cathedral is the Roman Catholic Cathedral which was built during 1491-98 and is dedicated to St. John the Baptist. One of the main pilgrimage centres in this area and also its architectural beauty attracts a lot of peoples to here.

Catholic Parish Church Gran Madre Di DioPiazza Gran Madre di Dio, 4, 10131 Torino TO, Italy

The church of Gran Madre di Dio is one of the most important Catholic churches in Turin. It is situated on the bank of the River Po, and connected to the city center by the Victor Emmanuel I Bridge. The church is reminiscent of the Roman Pantheon due to its architecture. Some city legends connect the church with the Holy Grail.

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Monte dei CappucciniPiazzale Monte dei Cappuccini, 3, 10131 Torino TO, Italy
Mountain Peaks

The Monte dei Cappuccini is a hill of 325 m above sea level , located in the city of Turin , about 200 meters from the shore right side of the Po , in the district Borgo Po . It is very close to the historic center , near the Vittorio Emanuele I bridge , which gives access to Piazza Vittorio Veneto . On it, stands the convent and the Baroque church of Santa Maria al Monte , entrusted to the Capuchin friars , hence the name. The hill also houses, in the south wing of the convent, the National Mo

Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary ArtVia Magenta, 31, 10128 Torino TO, Italy

One of the oldest museums in Italy, and it is devoted to art produced in the last two centuries. It was opened to the public in 1863, and it keeps over 40.000 pieces, among paintings, sculptures, installations, drawings, and engravings. Particularly important is the film and artistic videos collection, one of the most famous in Europe.

Col de TendeCol de Tende
Mountain Passes

The Col de Tende is a mountain pass in the Alps, on the border of France and Italy, at 44°9′ N 7°33.96′ E. It separates the Maritime Alps from the Ligurian Alps. It connects Nice and Tende in Alpes-Maritimes with Cuneo in Piedmont. The altitude of the pass itself is 1870 m. One of the picturesque locations in this area and also you can spend some nice time there.

Colle delle FinestreColle delle Finestre, 10060 Usseaux, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy
Mountain Passes

Colle delle Finestre is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.178m (7,145ft) above the sea level, located in the Alps, in the Italian region of Piemonte, Italy, linking Susa Valley and Cisone Valley. It's one of the highest asphalted roads of the Alps. The road is usually open from the first of June till September 30. The maximum grade is 14% and along its 18,6 km, there no less than 55 hairpins.

Colle SommeillerColle Sommeiller, 10052 Val-Cenis, France
Mountain Passes

The Colle del Sommeiller is an alpine pass of the Cottian Alp, located along the border line between Italy and France, between Punta Sommeiller and Rognosa d'Etiache , connecting the city of Bardonecchia with the municipality of Bramans , in the French department of Savoy. During the short period of practicability of the entire road on the Italian side, the international motorcycle meeting Raid Stella Alpina is organized every year on the second Sunday of July, starting from Bardonecchia and arr

Dora BalteaDora Baltea, Italy
Lake/ River/ Ponds

The Dora Baltea is a river of ' northern Italy along nearly 170 km , important left tributary of the Po. It is a popular place for whitewater rafting and kayaking. Early in the summer, in May and June, the rivers are usually high with snow melt from the mountains. During July, August and September the water levels are usually lower and the temperature warmer.

Egyptian MuseumVia Accademia delle Scienze, 6, 10123 Torino TO, Italy

A museum in Torino is dedicated exclusively to Egyptian culture and art. Springing from the excavations completed in Egypt by the Italian Archeological Mission between 1900-1935, the collection counts more than 26,000 artifacts and is a scientific and academic resource on the topic. The museum hosts themed exhibits of special interest; for example, a recent special exhibit was about women in ancient Egyptian culture, in honor of National Women's Day. Each month offers various events.

FenestrelleVia del Forte, 1, 10060 Fenestrelle TO, Italy

The fort of Fenestrelle is Europe’s biggest fortified structure and the largest walled construction after the Great Wall of China. A stone colossus that extends for about five kilometers along the hills of the Val Chisone and covers a height difference of almost 700 meters. Fenestrelle Fortress was intended to serve as an impenetrable barrier for Italy in the eighteenth century. It is now one of the major attractions in this area which attracts a lot of tourists.

Galleria Reale, 1, 10122 Torino TO, Italy
Art Galleries

The Galleria Sabauda in Turin displays the art collections gathered by the House of Savoy. This gallery unites the collection of Eugene of Savoy with works from the Royal Palace of Turin, the picture gallery of the Savoy-Carignano, and works from the Palazzo Durazzo of Genoa. When the palace became the seat of the senators, they transferred the museum to the building of the Academy of Sciences, where was already the Egyptian Museum.

Gries PassGries Pass, 28863 Formazza, Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy
Mountain Passes

A scenic climb along an ancient mule trail from the Rhône valley up to a remote pass on the Italian border. The thrilling adventure combines history, wilderness, and a pioneering eco-project. One of the scenic locations in this area and there is a high pressure gas pipeline runs over the pass, coming from the North Sea to Italy.

Isola BellaIsola Bella, 28838 Stresa, Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy

L ' Isola Bella is located in Lake Maggiore, is part of the group of so-called Borromean Islands, and is located in the Gulf dedicated to the famous family who still has the property, about 400 meters off the coast of Stresa. It measures 320 meters long and 180 meters wide and is largely occupied by the Italian garden of the Borromeo palace, which occupies the north-western coast of the islet.

Isola dei PescatoriIsola dei Pescatori, 28838 Stresa, Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy

L ' Isola Dei Pescatori, also known as Isola Superiore, is the only archipelago of the Borromeo in Lake Maggiore to be permanently inhabited. 100 meters wide by 350 meters long, it houses a small village, with characteristic multi-story houses, with a small square, characteristic narrow alleys, the lakefront, and the main street to allow the movements strictly on foot of the 57 inhabitants who live off fishing and tourism.

Map of attractions in Piedmont