Tonale Pass in Lombardy, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Tonale Pass

Tonale Pass, 25056 Ponte di Legno, Province of Brescia, Italy

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About Tonale Pass

The Tonale Pass is a mountain pass in the southern Rhaetian Alps separating the Ortler Alps to the north of the Alps of 'Adamello and Presanella to the south, connecting the Val di Sole to the east with the Alta Valle Camonica to the west. The Tonale pass is a base for numerous mountaineering and hiking itineraries that allow you to make contact with the nature of the Rhaetian Alps and the historical reality of the White War which here has left numerous signs still alive in the landscape.

Attractions near Tonale Pass

Gavia Pass12.18km from Tonale Pass

Passo di Gavia is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.627m (8,618ft) above the sea level, located in the Lombardy region, Italy. The pass is traversed by the SP29 road, and it’s often used on the route of the Giro d'Italia road bicycle race. It is one of the highest and even most beautiful passes of the Alps and divides the province of Sondrio to the north and the province of Brescia to the south.

Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta13.32km from Tonale Pass

The Adamello Brenta natural park is a protected natural area established in 1967 and is the largest protected area in Trentino. It extends in western Trentino between the Valle di Non, the Giudicarie, and the Valle di Sole, over an area of ​​over 620 square kilometers, which includes the Adamello-Presanella mountain ranges and the Brenta Dolomites.  The park also takes care of protecting the quality of the water of the numerous streams and over 80 lakes included in the area.

The Stelvio National Park is one of the oldest Italian natural parks, established in 1935, created with the aim of protecting the flora, fauna, and naturalistic beauties of the Ortles-Cevedale mountain group, and promoting the development of sustainable tourism in the alpine valleys of Lombardy, Trentino and Alto Adige. It covers the territory of 24 municipalities and 4 provinces and is in direct contact to the north with the Swiss National Park, to the south with the Adamello-Brenta Provincial

Val di Sole15.56km from Tonale Pass

The Val di Sole is a valley in Trentino, in the north-western part of the Autonomous Province of Trento, from the group of the Brenta Dolomites and the Adamello range to the south and the chain of Maddalene and the Ortles-Cevedale group to the north. From an administrative point of view it belongs to the Community of the Valle di Sole, one of the valley communities established in the province in 2010. The Val di Sole and the adjacent Val di Nonthey are also known as the "valleys of Noce", being

Val Rendena20.28km from Tonale Pass

The Rendena Valley is a valley of Trentino-Alto Adige, in the province of Trento, enclosed in the ' Adamello west and the Brenta Dolomites in the east. It begins in the south at the village of Verdesina and ends in the north at the village of Carisolo where it branches off towards the west with the name of Val Genova and towards the east in the Val di Campiglio with the side: Val Brenta, Vallesinella, Val Agola and Val Nambrone , up to the famous locality of Madonna di Campiglio. Val Rendena is

Cevedale20.98km from Tonale Pass

Mount Cevedale is a mountain of the Alps of the Ortles-Cevedale Group, in the southern Rhaetian Alps, on the border between Lombardy to the west and Trentino-Alto Adige to the east.  Mountaineering history indicates the first ascent to the minor peak of Cevedale on 13 August 1864, by E. Mojsisowicz and S.Janiger from the north side, starting from the "Passo del Cevedale". The ascent to the main summit is dated 7 September 1865 by J. Payer, J. Pinggerra, and J. Reinstadler.

Where is Tonale Pass

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About 10 million people, forming one-sixth of Italy's population, live in Lombardy and about a fifth of Italy's GDP is produced in the region, making it the most populous and richest region in the country and one of the richest regions in Europe.