Circeo Mountain in Lazio, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Circeo Mountain

Circeo Mountain, 04017 San Felice Circeo, Province of Latina, Italy

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About Circeo Mountain

Circeo Mountain is an isolated promontory on the southwestern coast of Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea, just northwest of the Gulf of Gaeta. About 33 square miles are preserved as a national park that is notable for its flora. The entire coast of Lazio, on which the mountain and the marsh are located, was a chain of barrier islands that were formed on a horst and made part of the mainland by sedimentation of the intervening graben.

Attractions near Circeo Mountain

Ponza37.13km from Circeo Mountain

This beautiful island is just off the coast south of Rome and you can reach it by ferry from Anzio, Terracina, and Formia. The main center of the island is the port of Ponza, which stands towards the southern end of the eastern coast and is the seat of the commune. It is one of the beautiful locations in this area which is famous among tourists.

Pontine Islands40.33km from Circeo Mountain

The Pontine islands are a pretty archipelago off the Italian coast south of Rome. With a long history, attested by Roman ruins and cave-tombs, the islands are nevertheless little-known to international tourists. With lots of authentic Italian atmosphere, great views, and a range of activities, this is an ideal destination for getting off the beaten track. the island offers good swimming opportunities, particularly for those who hire boats. Pontine islands is very popular with Italian holiday-mak

Lake Albano64.33km from Circeo Mountain

Lake Albano is a crater lake in the Alban Hills southeast of Rome. Elliptical in shape, formed by the fusion of two ancient volcanic craters. It is fed by underground sources and drained by an artificial outlet. It hosted the canoeing and rowing events of the 1960 Summer Olympic Games that were held in Rome.

Monti Ernici72.92km from Circeo Mountain

The Ernici Mountains are a short mountain range of tectonic origin of the Lazio Sub-Apennines, which extends east-west and is bounded to the north by the Cantari Mountains and the Aniene valley , to the east by the Liri valley, to the south and to the west , from the Sacco Valley. The peaks are on average 2000 meters high, the highest is that of Monte del Passeggio followed by Pizzo Deta, Monte Fragara and Monte Ginepro which together constitute the southern massif.

Via Francigena73.79km from Circeo Mountain

The Via Francigena was an uncodified path that gathered the walkers as they funneled into Italy from all over Europe. It was a conglomerate of many roads merging together for safety, convenience and hospitality. In medieval times it was an important road and pilgrimage route for those wishing to visit the Holy See and the tombs of the apostles Peter and Paul.

Cascata Zompo Lo Schioppo73.91km from Circeo Mountain

The waterfall of Zompo lo Schioppo represents the highest natural waterfall in the central Apennines after that of the Rio Verde di Borrello; in fact, the waters precipitate from a height of over 80 meters and then flow downstream towards the town of Morino. The flow rate of the waterfall, originating from karst phenomena, depends on the amount of rainfall that occurs during the year.

Where is Circeo Mountain

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Lazio is one of the 20 administrative regions of Italy. Situated in the central peninsular section of the country, it has 5,864,321 inhabitants – making it the second most populated region of Italy – and its GDP of more than €197 billion per year means that it has the nation's second-largest regional economy. The capital of Lazio is Rome, which is also the capital and largest city of Italy.