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Nele Lenze

Nele Lenze


This space is host to five museum: on space, Islamic Art and science, the human body, transportation and robots, the eco system, and our earth.

The place is huge and you need at least three to four hours to look at everything. I believe it is better to come twice to really enjoy it. The museums are very interactive and equipped with the newest technologies. It is a great place for children but also as a grown-up you will find plenty to explore. Every building includes a coffee shop and a gift shop so you won't go hungry and can take breaks in between the visits of the different museums.

The museum has its own app that is supposed to inform you about what is go going on. Until now it seems to be updated regularly. The museum complex has another mobile app for augmented reality which is awesome because it makes it even more interactive and accessible to phone addicted people.

I liked the space museum and the museum about robots and transportation the most. However, it would have been extra great if there would have been some information about the planning of the train system in Kuwait that is supposed to be installed before 2030.

The Islamic Arts and Science museum was awesome because it had two corners for Arabic poetry and holograms of Islamic scholars introducing their works. My number one favorite Islamic Arts and Science museum is still the one in Kuala Lumpur but this is pretty good as well.

The museum complex has different entrances depending on if you come with your own car or as a pedestrian/ with a taxi. The entrance fee is 3KD and it is closed on Sundays.

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Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre

A cultural complex located in Kuwait, owned by the Amiri Diwan. It consists of six main components; The Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Space Museum, Arabic Islamic Science Museum, Fine Arts Centre and the external spaces known as the Public Realm. The Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre is an 18-hectare site making it the world’s largest museum complex.