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Nele Lenze

Nele Lenze


Failaka Island has everything!

There are a lot of activities you can do on the island. Otherwise there is a mini zoo, a heritage villages, a little artificial lake where you can rent a swan shaped paddel boat. You can visit the old ruins of the Dilmun civilasation and there also Greek ruins. In ther hertiage viligae you can find a museum that shows you rooms of the old palace where the ruler used to come to when he had enough of Kuwait. In the heritage area are also two coffeeshops or tea houses and the place where you would have lunch from a buffett. It is also super interesting to  explore the war torn ruins of the village that are accessible to everyone. If you have still some time left, there is a sight where all the anti aircraft systems and old tanks are parked s well aas a camel farm near by.

To get there you need to go to one of the IKARUS counters, in Salmiya at the Marina Mall the ship is leaving in the morning and returning in the evening. The ticket is 15 KD each for a return ticket including lunch. You can stay over for the night if you like to because there is a hotel.

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Failaka Island

Failaka Island

Failaka Island, Kuwait

Island on the coast of Kuwait. In 2000 B.C., Mesopotamians settled in Failaka at least a century before the Dilmun civilization. Traders from the Sumerian city of Ur occupied Failaka and ran a mercantile business. Failaka had many Mesopotamian-style buildings typical of those found in Iraq dating from around 2000 B.C.