Plane Spotting beach, Sydney

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Nirmal Toms

Visited on Jul 2013

This spot is a bit tricky as the exit for this spot is on the split up of the M5 into M5 and General Holmes Drive. You have to drive onto the General Holmes Drive and take the next exit after the split up. Drive to the old tower building and run into the street there and you wil be at the popular The Beach position. This spot is good for all  activities that happen on the 16R/34L. Just the 16R depatures are a bit tricky as there are some trees blocking the view from the arriving or departing planes and you have to react a bit faster. Be carefull with taking a bath here as there are also shark movements in the water. There is a cage for swimming at spot 7. Only some rubbish bins are located here. Depends where you stay you can have some shadow. For Photographers – You’ll get 100-400 focal length mm from the carpark/ a wide agle at the fence. TIME - This spot is good from 1:00 p.m. – sunset

Location of Plane Spotting beach, Sydney