Alcatraz Island

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Noble Abraham

Visited on Feb 2017

The pictures were taken from the Golden gate bridge as I wasn't fortunate enough to secure my tickets for the tour to the island. So, plan ahead & get your tickets if you are interested to visit "The Rock" which was once a maximum security prison and held the most notorious criminals during its years of operation from 1934 to 1963. The prison got it's nickname as no inmates ever managed to escape "The Rock" though there were numerous recorded attempts were made. The prison was shut down due to high operational costs. Over the years, the prison has been depicted in quite a number of movies such as the Black Mass which evolved it into a tourist spot. There are day and night tour to the iconic prison island and its ecouraged that you visit websites for Alcatraz Cruises and the National Park Service to check on availability, terms and conditions and any seasonal or operational changes. Alcatraz Cruises: National Park Service:

Location of Alcatraz Island