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Visited on Jan 2019

《 BANGLADESH▪︎🇧🇩▪︎DHAKA 》 “Are you out of your bloody mind?” That was the first reaction I received when I told my friends and family, I am going to Bangladesh. I decided to resign my Job and pack my bag and grab a one way ticket to Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh with no idea when I am going to be back and where I end up – And that was the beginning of 6 months of backpacking across few countries in the beginning of 2019. DHAKA, The Craziest city in the World – I am not joking (somewhere it reminded me of Old Delhi, then again Dhaka is million times crazier).You will know how crazy Dhaka is the moment you land at Dhaka airport, a million people. Dhaka is an exhausting place, with its noise, sound and high level of pollution. Dhaka is not about historical sights to see, they have a few of them, but the main thing to see in Dhaka is the daily life – A million life happens at once and It’s the first time any city got to me. I enjoyed my time in Dhaka and Bangladesh, but it’s not for the faint-hearted and the typical backpacker that only got experience from South Asia and Europe, it’s a hard place to travel, very few people speak English, and more or less no tourist infrastructure, so be prepared and I don’t regret a bit choosing Dhaka is my first destination of the long journey – Bizarre!

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